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Puerto Vallarta fishing report has some of the best fishing in November. We fish in one of the only fishing spots in the world that can offer such differnet fishing trips  that we have here in Puerto Vallarta. We offer incredible deep sea fishing, ,Reef fishing, bottom fishing fpr really big fish, inshore fishing, incredible fly fishing,out of the world  kite fishing and some of the best  places in the world to fish in the winter months. With this many deep sea fishing options you will be able to catch the fish of your looking for here in Mexico's number one fishng spot. Please let us know which  fish you would like to fish for here in Puerto vallarta Mexico.
 Puerto Vallarta fishing in November has all kinds of fish to offer. We often catch good eating Wahoo,fast swimming  sailish, mahi-mahi, huge good eating Snapper, large  tuna and all the small game Fish you can handle in one day. If you're looking for inshore  fishing and offshore fishing November is always said to be one of the very best month right here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  If you ask anyone where the best fishing is in Mexico around November they would all say Puerto Vallarta with .

The  inshore fishing has been solid with some spanish mackerel , lots of skipjack tuna, a few  roosterfish, yellowtail and the occasional sailish along with a dorado. The bigger sailfish amd  the larger mahi mahi have been offshore but not too far out. around 5 miles.  The  inshore fishing has been so good the only fishermen going offshore are the really big  hunters or the folks that want the larger fish.  November has some of outstanding fishing for everyone from kids to serius fishermen.  This kind of fishng is for all ages.

If you're  looking for deep sea fishing the bite has been on at El Banco.  There have been huge yellowfin tuna, marlin  of all kinds like stripes,marlin black and blue marlin.  When I say the marlin fishng is good I mean really good.  The other fishng spots that  on fire out on the south side El Farro and the the  Corebetena.   Some of the bigger tuna hanging the Bank caught up up to300 We've been using same fishing techniques to catch the huge tuna and really big marlin.  When we are fish in 80 deg water that is blue as can be you never know what going to hit the fishing line.  The larger baits for the Big Tuna and Marlin have been working well for deep sea fishing the last part of October and the starting of Noevember

The last few fishing trips that we done live bait been the key to success. Live bait is like your credit card ya never leave home without it.  We never dock without live bait. If you already coming down we look forward to seeing you out there in Puerto Vallarta fishing hope everyone has a great fishing week

Tight lines

Captain Pete and Crews

one of our many fishig boats here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

good eating bonitas are showing up in the bay of Puerto Vallarta Mexcio


incredible dorado action in Puerto Vallarta

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,tuna,dorado
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,live bait
Tackle Used: avet 2 speed
Method Used: trolling.kite,pitch baits,jigging
Water Depth: 350 plus
Water Temperature: 83 deg.
Wind Direction: na
Wind Speed: 8 knots

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