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Puerto Vallarta fishing in October has always been the best month to fish. October is kind of like fishing in the summer months.  The big differance is more fish and bigger fish being caught.  We still have some of the light rains in the evening. These light rains always  really help heat up our fishing here in October. The rainy season will stop around October 15th and the fishing will go wild. The fishing here in October has a lot of benefits with a lot of fish to be caught.


If you're looking for great action inside Puerto Vallarta bay has super fishing to offer. They'll be the skipjacks plentiful, some dorados, fast feeding sailfish and even the occasional marlin right here inside the bay. Most of our Bay trips or 4 hrs. to 6 hours and after looking at our satellite pictures and reading theTerrafin info for water temps and water clarity  we usually can put our clients on the fish pretty fast right here in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta Bay. So if you're looking for a short trip with a lot of Rod bending action in Puerto Vallarta October is a great month to be here. If you wanted to get off shore and go for some of the large game fish that we offer October is one of the very best of months.


Big game fishing in October means big marlin, huge mahi-mahi, big tuna's and sailfish. October is the ends the rainy season and the beginning of the really big fish season. We catch a lot of big fish in the summer but October starts the official big game fishing month right here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. The favorite places that we'd like to fish or some of the fishing spots  with the summer fishing along with a twist that the fish are usually more active in October and larger .


If you wanted to come down and fish with us here in October . Now is a great time to book as our deep sea fishing cruises.  We are filling up fast on all of our boats. We offer several kinds of fishing trips here and Puerto Vallarta fishing. We have are 28 to 30 ft super pangas for fishing inside the bay that are great for the for 6 or 8 hours. We also have 32 to 34 ft. midsize sport Fishers that are fantastic for offshore fishing can do your 8 or 10-hour trips with these and you run a few more lines than the Super Panga does. Are 40 foot and 50 foot fishing  boats are perfectly designed for any type of fishing trip that you want to do and here and really good for the offshore fishing. In October 8 to 10 hours is the minimum fishing that you're going to want to do for offshore. The incredible offshore action in Puerto Vallarta is really exciting and rewarding. October fishing in Puerto Vallarta has to be one of the best months where we will be catching all kinds of pelagic fish here


If you're coming down soon be sure and shoot me an email or call me on my toll free number 800 430 6048.  I'll be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about the size of the boat needed and what fish have  been biting lately and of course the best times of the day to fish.


Hoping everyone can fish out there in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Tight lines

Captain Pete and Crews

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,dorados
Bait Used: mullet, lures,live bait
Tackle Used: avet 2 speed
Method Used: trolling,jigging,live bait,kite
Water Depth: 350 ft.
Water Temperature: 78
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Speed: 8 knots

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Pete Vines

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