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Puerto Vallarta is known around the world as a vacation hotspot for fishing, it’s incredibly hot beaches and fantastic restaurants. This is one of the main reasons we see many visitors taking to the water and fantastic beaches all year round.  visitors than any other resort place in Mexico.  We also have more return We are known for incredibly fun beaches, nightlife, world-class shopping, and where the friendliest people in the world. 
We are located on Mexico’s gold coast, this sun backed city is perfectly positioned right along the migratory route of world-famous pelagic fish. It’s also home to the best bay fishing in the world. Puerto Vallarta fishing is truly diverse, so no matter your angling know-how, you’ll find your perfect fishing deep sea adventure!
With so many hotspots to fish like the bay, El Morro, Corbetena, El Banco, and the islands it can be difficult to choose the perfect fishing adventure. Not to worry we have over 50 professionals to help you pick the perfect fishing trip custom fit for you and family. Here below, we’ve highlighted our favorite species in the area, as well as where and how you can cast a line here. Read on and get ready to discover Puerto Vallarta and the treasures that lie beneath its waters!

Top Places to fish in Puerto Vallarta

The bay has to be one of the number one places to fish here in Puerto Vallarta.  The first most bay trips that can be done is 4 hrs.  This is a big draw as it’s close to shore and very inexpensive.  There are a large number of boats that we use on our bay fishing trips.  The 28 ft super panga is perfect for this kind of fishing. With a four-person max and so many different types of species to fish for you have the time of your like on this half-day fishing trip in Puerto Vallarta.

El Morro has so many fishing options it’s hard to name them all here. This 8 hr deep sea fishing adventure is for those of us that enough being on the open the water while having a chance to land marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and tuna.  This is a short run from the marina and you can catch just about any species of pelagic you can imagine.

The Cortbetena has a wealth of trophy fish out there waiting almost all year round. This is the go-to fishing ground when you are looking for larger fish or that bucket list fish.  For most anglers, this is a once in a lifetime fishing opportunity. The tuna are thick here on this offshore fish trip. Some days marlin, sailfish, and mahi-mahi hit the bait all days long.  The Cortbetena is a 10 to 12 hr. trip of a lifetime. Please plan in advance as space on these trips is limited.

Banco fishing has to be one of the best angling experiences in the world. This is the hot spot where most of the trophy fish come from.  It’s a rare day when you don’t catch the fish of your dreams art this fishing location. This 12 to 14 hr. the trip is the best of the best most days.  The last two fishing adventures can’t be beaten for catching the fish you always wanted.  This is the bucket list fish-catching place.  If I could I would fish here every day.  Be sure and check for boat availability before coming down as this is the most sought after trip we offer here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

From billfish to bottom fishing Puerto Vallarta truly has it all when it comes to deep-sea fishing.  We are here to help you and family pick the perfect fishing trip wither it’s offshore or inshore.  We go the extra mile to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.  I look forward to seeing everyone out there on the water having fun and catching fish.

Capt. Pete and crews


Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi mahi
Bait Used: mullet,lures and goggle eye
Tackle Used: Aver 2 speed and gold Penn
Method Used: trolling,kite,jigging,pitch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 82 deg.
Wind Direction: nnw
Wind Speed: west light

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