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The September fishing report starts off with some fantastic fishing and beautiful weather here in Puerto Vallarta. Fishing has been good and we have been catching a lot of pelagic fish out there in the water. Bay fishing is off the charts and deep-sea fishing is even better.

This month I wanted to explain about the rainy season and the best fishing grounds in the following months.

I receive many phone calls every month wondering about where the fish are, what the weather is going to be like, and how many fish they're going to catch. During the months of June 15 th. To October 15 th. We do get rain and it’s almost every day.  This is fantastic as the weather cools off. This happen usually late in the evening.  The days are sunny and beautiful. It's a little-known fact that the rainy season actually helps our fishing offshore and inshore.  The rain and all the nutrients that come from the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta go right back into the ocean.  This turns the fishing on and brings to fish in a lot closer. This refreshing rain we receive actually helps our fishing and happens almost every day.  The weatherman may say rain every day but the forecast will be nice and sunny during the day. If you are looking for great fishing action Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the place to be.


What kind of fish are we going to be able to catch in the rainy season? If you and your friends are fishing the bay it’s jam-packed with a lot of small game skipjack, mahi-mahi, roosterfish, snapper, and sailfish. Yes, the sailfish come in the bay in the summer months. This happens because of all the rain and abundance of bait In the bay. 

Offshore fishing is best during the rainy season and in early Fall. There's no telling what size Marlin you can catch during this time of the season. These huge fish are cruising up and down the shore for our prime-time fishing grounds which is right here in Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season.

Marlin, sailfish, huge mahi-mahi, and large tuna are what the summer and Fall fishing seasons are all about. Be sure to be ready to spend the day looking for these pelagic fish.  This kind of fishing is usually done in the 8 to 10 hr trips.  When fishing offshore your odds of landing the big one go up tenfold.  Ready to book a custom fishing adventure click here.


The bay has some of the best fishing in the works but does not compare to our offshore fishing.

We have so many people come down looking to catch their first big Marlin during the summer and Fall months. The best be is to talk to one of our local experts to determine the right boat, time, and crew for you. Some of these clients request a four or six-hour trip. You can get lucky here in the baby and catch a fish of a lifetime but it’s much better offshore.  The odds are always better for big game offshore fishing.  Like I said before there are months that we catch sailfish, mahi-mahi, and marlin on these short bay trips. The really big difference is your chances go up much more offshore.  We do have great vacation fishing in the rainy season but when you're looking for a big game it's always better to try to book 8 hours plus on one of the deep sea fishing boats. We have a lot of tricks that we used to find the fish such as Terrafin, tides moon phase, Bait Movement, and What we have been catching the days before. These are just a few of the factors when looking at big game fishing. I enjoy getting all the calls and about the weather current fishing conditions each month. I’m always happy to help find the perfect boat here in Puerto Vallarta.  I  created a question-and-answer page which details a lot of questions that some people ask each day. You can look up all the expert answers before going out fishing with us


Hope to see everybody out there on the water here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Tight lines

Captain Pete and crews






Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jiggingd,pictch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 88 deg
Wind Direction: n/a
Wind Speed: 7 knots

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