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The cooler waters have triggered a good feed on Texoma this week. The hot summer temps caused the fish to slow down their feed and get skinny last month. Very few of the fish I cleaned in Sept. had anything in their bellies. We caught a bunch of Stripers on live bait but the top water bite really got going for a couple weeks also.

We would hit the wind blown shorelines with the biggest lures we had and catch up to 70 fish each morning before the sunlight hit the water. Once that happened, the fish went deep. We then would go and anchor on river ledges with the biggest Shad we could get and continue to pull fish till mid-day or so. The water temps cooled down the last couple weeks of September and the bite has really improved. I look forward to October's more aggressive bite and feed. The fish should start to fatten up nicely about now also.

Live bait is king but the gulls are back and that top water action is just around the corner.

Fish Species: Striped Bass
Bait Used:
Tackle Used: live shad
Method Used:
Water Depth: 0-35
Water Temperature: 74
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Good numbers of fish.
Good numbers of fish.

Still on the skinny side but lots of them.
Still on the skinny side but lots of them.

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James Allen

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Bio: I've grown up fishing on Lake Texoma. Since Stripers have replaced Sand Bass as the species of choice on this lake, I've targeted them exclusively. I am a member of the Catfish Bay Guide Association and fish out of Catfish Bay. I offer services that most guides on the lake don't, like completely removing the red line from the fish. I am family oriented and have fishing set ups that are very user and new comer friendly.

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