John Rainone

Had a great day sharking on July 7th....we caught and released 15 blue sharks ranging in size from 75 lbs. to over 200 lbs. At times we had them eating out of our hands trying to get the bluefish carcass out of our hands and trying to eat the chum bucket. We also diamond jigged up a small bluefin tuna that we let go because it was too small. There was a lot of life in the area. Whales, shear waters, stormy petrals, tuna, and sharks on top chasing bait.

If interested in trying your luck on these toothy critters, contact me.

Capt. John

Fish Species: Blue Sharks and Bluefin tuna
Bait Used: bluefish and herring
Tackle Used: Rod & Reel
Method Used: drifting live bluefish and fillet baits
Water Depth: 150
Water Temperature: 68-70
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Speed: 10

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John Rainone

About The Author: Captain John Rainone

Company: L\'il Toot Charters Inc.

Area Reporting: Salt Water fishing

Bio: I have been a charter boat captain for over 34 years, and have experience in catching every species of fish from flounder to giant bluefin tuna.  I have been known to grab my fishing rod and sneak in-between my customers to wet a line and catch a few fish.  I do this because I love to fish, and enjoy being out on the water where every day brings fun, excitement and memories of great times shared between my customers, my mate and myself.

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