The Salmon fishing on the Smith River has been very good the past few days. The are bunches of fish from the Mouth of the river up to the piling hole. The fish have been 20 to 30 pounds with the occassional fish over 40 pounds caught. Depending on where on the river will depend on what you use for bait as well as the method you will use to catch the fish. The more rain we get here the next couple weeks the better.

Fish Species: Salmon
Bait Used: Salmon eggs, Herring, Kwikfish
Tackle Used: Baitcasting gear 20-39 lb test
Method Used: Trolling Backbouncing
Water Depth: 3-25 ft
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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About The Author: Captain Phil Desautels

Company: Phil's Smiling Salmon Guide Service

Area Reporting: Smith River, California Based Fishing Trips

Bio: It all started when I was four years old, my first fishing trip was to Puddingstone Dam in So California. I can still remember putting that red-worm on my hook, casting it out and waiting for my bobber to get pulled under. It Did!! And I have been hooked ever since. It didn't matter where I fished, what I fished for as long as I was fishing. since that day, my fishing trips have ranged from the deep Mexico chasing Marlin, Sailfish, Giant Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo to Alaska in search of world class King and Silver Salmon fishing to the Snake River in Idaho for 10 ft. Sturgeon to Hawaii looking for that monster Blue Marlin. Still to this day I have to take two fishing vacations a year. It's a sickness!!

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