Everyone knows that Venice Louisiana is nortorious for epic yellowfin tuna fishing and although it has been absolutey excellent, I want to take the time to tell you about all our bi-catch.  And right now the highlight is our limited snapper season.  We target red snapper as well as some of the biggest mangroves and what goes better with fresh yellowfin sushi like fresh snapper?

Since we fish every day of the week, we know exaclty where the fish are holding and what they are biting. This is a big advantage over the rest of the fleet that could be part-timers. So when booking a trip be sure to check in and make sure you are fishing with a captain that is full time and not a booking service. It makes a big difference when you travel all this way to fish with us.  Check out our happy crew here after they crushed it!

And look at this mangrove snapper!

Offshore while tuna fishing there is no shortage of mahi and some wahoo around.  We are finding the mahi under the birds and weed patches.

I love seeing mahi come up in the spread all lit up. The golds, yellows, blues, and greens are never a sight for sore eyes.  Our clients had a great time getting tight on some nice ones!

And then a wahoo shows up and you hear a drag scream!  The strike is intense and they get big around here.

That is our bi-catch.  While are target species is always yellowfin tuna first (well sometimes swordfish), we have a wide range here in the fishing captial of the world.

We still have some dates open. Give me a call.

Captain James Peters

Fish Species: Tuna, Snapper, Swordfish
Bait Used:
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Water Depth:
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