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After having a little trouble with the people doing the mussel inspections, we finally got on the water at around 9am. I focused at my graph as we pulled up our first stop, and quickly realized how many bass were suspending chasing bait. During the first hour, we had non-stop action. We found a huge school of bass. On a 100 yard stretch of bank, from 20-50 feet of water my fishfinder was filled with balls of bait with bass slashing right through them. All parts of the water column were holding fish. Yamamoto Hula Jigs in green pumpkin were catching the better quality fish (2lbs). Drop shoting a prism shad colored Roboworm with an 1/8 ounce weight caught more fish, but they were a little smaller. We even picked up a few on a ounce spoon. Unfortunately by 11:00 we had to leave the spot because of the amount of boats flying by us. I spoke to one of the Rangers and he said the lake reached its full capacity, 140! We headed south to some more protected water and picked up a few more bass at each stop using the same techniques. Wood, rock, points, and ledges, were all holding bass. All the grass patches up shallow didn't seem to be producing much, except for a couple 10 inchers. The bigger bass are out deep. At 4pm we called it a day with the total fish count at around 25.

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Rus Snyders Guide Service

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used: Drop Shoting Roboworms, Yamamoto Hula Jigs, Spoons
Tackle Used: Quantum Rods and Reels
Method Used: Casting
Water Depth: 20-50
Water Temperature: 71
Wind Direction: North
Wind Speed: Light

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Rus Snyders

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