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LOTS OF FUN AND GOOD EATING by Butch Foster (5/02/2010)
Offshore fishing is picking up as witnessed by this group aboard the YEAH RIGHT II, out of Southport, NC.
A GREAT WEEKEND by Butch Foster (4/10/2010)
Fishing offshore was super Easter weekend. Hope this is a sign of things to come.
Wintertime Fishing by Butch Foster (12/27/2009)
Wintertime fishing in Southport area can be very productive.
FISHING ANYONE???? by Butch Foster (11/25/2009)
Yes the winds have been blowing and there's been some rain here on the coast lately, but just because you can't run 30 miles offshore in the rough stuff, there are still fish that can be caught closer in!!!
Fall Fishing, OH YEAH!!!! by Butch Foster (11/07/2009)
Fall Fishing aboard the YEAH RIGHT II with Capts Butch and Chris Foster
Spring is just around the corner by Butch Foster (3/22/2009)
Warm Spring weather makes anglers ready for some outdoor adventure on the ocean.
Fishing is about to.. by Butch Foster (3/14/2009)
We headed offshore in what was a little different conditions that were experienced on land today. I don't know exactly why, but it was a little more "sporty" than expected or predicted. It was a tough way to start the new charter season off, but it "whipped" me into shape real fast. I was challenged with finding biting fish in not only rough seas but also in cold water.
SOUTHPORT,NC FISHING REPORT by Butch Foster (6/22/2008)
Thank God for all you have and what you are about to recieve. Fish On!!! Capt Butch
OFFSHORE BITE IS ON!!! by Butch Foster (4/15/2008)
Come let us show you why we are the only NC charter that is in the BBB!!!!
January at the Tower by Michael Brazil (1/25/2008)
The king bite is very good at the tower.
Southport NC East Of Shoals Fishing Report by Butch Foster (12/22/2007)
Capt Chris and I loaded up the International 50 TW's with hopes of bringing a Bluefin Tuna to the dock today. Didn't happen!!!
Fall Fishing, OH YEAH!!!! by Butch Foster (9/24/2007)
I am planning an offshore trip tomorrow then I will know if they are still biting out there.
Southport Spanish Mackeral Fishing by Butch Foster (9/09/2007)
The Spanish Mackeral started off slow and progressed as the day went on.
FISHING IS GREAT by Butch Foster (8/26/2007)
A load of fish that included eight keeper grouper and an eight foot tiger shark.
SOUTHPORT,NC FISHING REPORT by Butch Foster (7/21/2007)
What a week/month we have had. I don't ever remember the winds being this unsettled this time of year. We have had to stay mostly close in to the beach where the bite has been anywhere from real tough to not at all.
JULY 10th FISHING SUMMARY by Butch Foster (7/10/2007)
GREAT FISHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FISHING IS GREAT by Butch Foster (6/09/2007)
For the best in offshore fishing, you have found it here!!!
Fishing Season Is Here In Southport NC by Butch Foster (5/15/2007)
The fishing season is here, keep up whith what's happening at
Gulfstream Report by Butch Foster (4/03/2007)
Today we were headed back to the Gulfstream with Gary Deeck, David Harrisrougher than ye! I immediately reeled in two more rods and fitted them with cedar plugs. The old standard in bluewater fishing did it again!! Soon, we were loading up one, two, and sometimes three rods on the cedar plugs with Blackfin Tunas. Tunas were flying everywhere in the boat, Bodie was jumping from fish to fish trying to make them hold still, and suddenly the slow bite was forgotten!!
All You Need Is A Calm Day!!! by Butch Foster (2/19/2007)
Get a day when the winds lay a little and the fish are waiting!!!!!
Fishing Update Lighthouse Rocks by Butch Foster (12/31/2006)
Fishing slow for bottom fish, the big news still is the bluefin tuna!!! We were headed offshore today with Steve Walters, Scott Walters,Marc Estridge, Richard Webb,, and Rob Trimmier. However, about ten miles out we decided with the Tower Buoy reporting 4 ft seas every 4 seconds and a stiff NE wind, that it was going to be too nasty and get worse offshore where I had originally planned to go.
Southport NC Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing by Butch Foster (12/20/2006)
Come on down to Southport, NC and hook up with a GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA!!! Man, this place has been awesome!!!! The King Mackeral bite has been phenominal!!! They are slowly working their way offshore to the normal wintering grounds, but, right now they are a little SW of the Tower,(about 2 miles) Also, if you like the battle of a Bonito, there are plenty of those out there also.
Fishing Update Offshore Southport by Butch Foster (12/13/2006)
The winter months is some of the best fishing of the year!!!!!
Winter Fishing In Southport NC by Butch Foster (12/05/2006)
Winter fishing is always good here in Southport,NC. We are into the winter fishing pattern now. You have to pick your days between the cold fronts now, but, the fish still bite even in the winter time. On the inside, you can still pick up a stray flounder once in a while along with some speckled trout. The inshore reefs are producing some big red drum and grey trout and you can get some black bass also in these areas.
GREAT FISHING!!! by Butch Foster (11/19/2006)
Come to Southport,NC for some of the best winter bottom fishing you will find anywhere!!! We would pull "Green Things" this was the name that was tagged onto a bait configuration that I do believe that Rudy was the one that was the originator of this bait that worked wonders on the stripers, especially in the winter months. It was not uncommon to have two stripers on at one time (on the same rod).
Fishing Great Now! by Butch Foster (11/07/2006)
THE FISH ARE BITING GREAT NOW HERE OUT OF SOUTHPORT,NC. On the inside, The Speckled Trout are biting about as good as you could ever expect them too!!! Reports are that the spots are still on today off tomorrow. The best bait for the spots has been the "FISHBITES BLOODWORMS". If you have trouble finding them DUTCHMAN CREEK BAIT & TACKLE (910) 457-1221 has them...
I'm Back - King Mackeral Fishing Horseshoe Southport by Butch Foster (11/05/2006)
Well, the "big bad bug" got the computer again. But, we are back up and running again, be sure to check the recipes on the web site
Shark Hole Fishing Southport NC by Butch Foster (10/28/2006)
We were catching some Black Bass that would have been keepers just a week ago, but were now a 1/4 inch short of the new size limit, along with those we were catching a few bluefish, some sharks, Aaron caught a real nice flounder,(in which I forgot to get a picture of), maybe they will email me one!! But, again Brent was the "rod man" when the big red drum hit. We all thought it was a big shark since we had caught several but when it came to the top it was a 60 inch red drum, which I estimated at 45+ pounds, we did get that picture, since it was too big to keep!!
Southport NC Offshore Fishing Report by Butch Foster (10/22/2006)
We decided to go fishing because the forecasted NE winds at 10 to 15 would have the beach laid down and we were looking for some kings, grouper, and bottom fish, which are all now in reach closer to the beach. We had another group of fishing guys from Fayetteville, NC. These were Troy Ham, Marquail Flemings, Mark Flemings, Kerwin Steele, and Vic Impemva.
Fishing Report Southport NC by Butch Foster (10/02/2006)
We decided since the King Mackeral bite had been so hot the day before that we would just go out and load up on those and then go bottom fishing. Let's see, isin't there some kind of saying about counting chicken before the eggs hatch or something like that,well, it should pertain to fish eggs. Every one was finding that the King bite from the day before had vanished. There were some being caught but pale in comparison to Saturday.
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