The following is a combined 3 scout trips. All conditions were nearly the same.

Water temps are rising, with the 50 degree nights and day time temps in the 70's. Fish are are agressively feeding in prepration for the spawn. Some fish are making beds now. the following were caught in the last 7 days:


  • 1 @ 22" 5lb 8oz
  • 2 @ 21"
  • 4 @ 19"
  • 4 @ 18"
  • 6 @ 17"
  • 10 @ 15"
  • 30+ @ 12" to 15" range

To catch that trophy smallmouth or giant muskie NOW!! is the time.

New River Fishing has a few dates still open for April. call today

Fish Species: Smallmouth
Bait Used: Jerk bait, CB, Spinner bait, Tube
Tackle Used: m/h casting and spinning
Method Used: float
Water Depth: 2' to 6'
Water Temperature: 59
Wind Direction: n/a
Wind Speed: n/a

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About The Author: Captain John Tipton

Company: New River Fishing

Area Reporting: New River in Va.

Bio: Guided float trips on the new river in Virginia. Your guide to trophy Smallmouth and Giant Muskie.

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