Table Rock Lake Fishing

2011-04-15 11:34:39
Branson, Missouri - Freshwater Fishing Report
Table Rock Lake

The fishing on Table Rock Lake has gotten more and more consistent. This week I fished three different area's of Table Rock. Of course our wind situation is no wind or gale force winds. I fished the Kimberling City area and we had 20-30 mph winds. I found some good fish, some pushing the 4 lb mark by throwing a spinnerbait in the backs of wind blown main lake pockets and coves. I threw a double willow leaf spinner in the spot remover color. I then decided to go up the James River arm and try for some Crappie. Although we got there later in the morning , we managed to put 19 keepers in the boat. We also caught atleast that many short crappie. Mixed in was some small Bass and one White Bass that was about 2 lbs. We were throwing small twister tail grubs and swimming minnows on a 1/16 oz head. I also threw a (white) bass slider which I cut in half on a 1/8 ball head that had a weed gaurd. I was able to work the brush more effective with this setup. Color didn't seem to matter. There were also a lot of Crappie being caught in 50 ft. of water down about 25 ft in the tree tops. They were being caught on vertical jigged swimming minnows and live minnows. The next day it was back to the Dam area and We started the day out throwing a carolina rigged green pumpkin centepede. We never had to throw another bait as the fish just ate it up. We ended up catching 15 Smallmouth and Kentucky Bass with the majority being keepers. We also had numerous hits but they would not take it. I was a little puzzled with this so I went up to the shallows to take a look and I found a some spawnning beds. With the water temp at 57 degrees I was a little shocked. That expained why we were getting bites bit not hooking up. Some of them were just swiping at it to keep it out of the nest. It just goes to show you that when its time for them to spawn its time. The fishing is just going to get better as more and more fish move up to spawn. If your looking for a good time to go out on Table Rock and catch some good fish, now is the time. Give me a call and lets jerk some lips. Jamie

Fish Species: Bass
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About The Author: Captain Jamie Kowalsky

Company: Indian Point Guide Service

Area Reporting: Table Rock Lake

Bio: My name is Jamie Kowalsky and I live on Table Rock Lake.I'm 50 years old and fishing is my life and passion.I have been guiding on ozark water ways since 1987.I'm out fishing almost everyday and will do my best to see your trip is enjoyable and successful.

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