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Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 5/8/11

Posted on May 8, 2011 by admin

Table Rock Lake is still 15 feet over normal pool. The water temperature is finally starting to rise again. After all the rain and cold nights the water has stayed around the 60 degree mark forever. We are finally starting to see water temps in the mid 60s now. The bass fishing continues to be very good. We are catching a lot of Small Mouth Bass on the gravel points and flats in water between 16 and 30 feet deep. We are throwing shakey head jigs with a green pumpkin finesse worm and Carolina rigged centipedes in the green pumpkin color also. This last week we have started catching some post spawn fish swimming a salt and pepper grub. We've been keeping the boat in about 40 feet of water and throwing the grub up toward the bushes. We would then count the grub down for 5 7 seconds and then slowly swim the grub back to the boat keeping the grub swimming in that 10-15 foot range. We've also found that you can catch some good Kentucky Bass and Lagemouth Bass in the coves and pockets. We've been throwing the shakey head jig up to the original shoreline and working it back very slowly out to about 25 feet of water. I have also noticed that some of the bigger fish are suspended about 8-10 feet deep out in front of the Sycamore trees. You want to make your cast just to the outside branches of the Sycamores and on a 3/16 oz head it takes approximately 12-13 seconds to reach the bottom. If your jig stops falling before that 12-13 seconds its a good chance a fish has taken it. You really have to pay attention and count down the fall to catch these fish. If they feel any pressure they are spitting it out pretty quick. It's worth paying attention because these seem to be the bigger fish in the area. This is a pattern I discovered on Bull Shoals Lake years ago although on Bull I would throw a white tube on a very light head so the fall would be very slow. I've tried it here on Table Rock but just have not had the success I had with the shakey head. I was able to go play in the dirty water up in the Long Creek arm yesterday. Boy what a difference a few miles makes. The water up there had a visibility of about 6 inches. I was able to catch quite a few Kentucky Bass up to 3 pounds throwing a chartreuse spinnerbait on the flats in 4-5 feet of water. I really thought I would catch some Largemouth doing this but just couldn't find them. I may go back up there and play some more this week. Until next time keep your line wet. Jamie

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