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Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 12/6/2011

Posted on December 6, 2011 by admin

The fishing on Table Rock Lake is good one day and tough the next. Usually this time of year the crankbait bite is hot. Not so much this year. We have been catching a few on wiggle warts but it's not as consistent as it should be. It seems that the flooding we had earlier in the year has just thrown the typical patterns off this season. The water temps are in the mid 50s and this should make the crankbait the go to bait but not this year. We are also catching some nice fish on a spinnerbait but then again it's not consistent. The best bite I have found has been the deep bite. This time of year the shad will go deep and the fish will follow them. We've been finding the shad in 70-80 feet of water in this one valley. The days that they get pushed up into the 50 foot range we have just loaded the boat with Smallmouth and Kentucky Spotted Bass. We had one day where we caught around 60 fish with all but 4 of them being Smallmouths. It was just amazing how many fish were in one small area. The best way to find these areas that are holding deep bass is to start graphing the coves from the mouth of the cove all the way to the back ends to around 35 feet of water. You want to try and follow the channel the whole way as a lot of times you'll find these schools of shad laying right on the bottom in the channels. If you find the shad but don't see any fish hanging around them, you can drop a spoon through the shad all the way to the bottom and start hopping it off the bottom. Sometimes the fish will feed on the shad from underneath the school. Even if you find the shad in 70 feet of water you can still catch fish off the bottom. If you spend enough time looking you can have some of the best fishing of the year with these deep Bass.

Till' next time 'good fishin'



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