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The GEO Report: November 8, 2012 Chicago River Fall Crappie Fishing

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Temp: 48

Wind: S 8 mph

Sky: Cloudy

Water Vis: 2ft

Water Level: Low

After about five months with no Fishing, Today I had the chance to finally resume what I started in Early January 2012. Occasionally Life tends to get in the way of the "Life Style" and as my priorities have changed, I've finally been able to bring my Love, passion, and obsession back into my schedule again. It obviously never left my mind and was only a matter of time before losing my mind with no fishing...

Today November 8, 2012 with my little chihuahua "PePe" in tow we had our hearts set on the North Shore Channel (NSC) of the Chicago River. With intentions of Crappie but hopes of Bass, I started casting smaller profile lures to get the first one in to sort of knock off the rust. Afterwards given the amount of activity by the bait fish I decided to match the hatch and try my luck for some aggressive bass fattening up before the winter truly settles in. Second cast I actually ended up hooking into a Bass, But he was able to pull free as my rusty angling skills gave him a better opportunity to escape then I did to Catch him. But after as long of a period as I have been off, I think I was more thrilled to have hooked, fought, and saw him then to actually even get him in. Although the drive to get some bass has obviously been taken up a few notches. After a few more cast and losing that very bait I switched back to the smaller profile lures where I had opportunities in landing several Black crappie.

Fish Species: Black Crappie
Bait Used: Small Bait fish mimicing lures (Plastics)
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: S
Wind Speed: 8-10MPH
Bass Head Shake, Last time I saw Him!
Bass Head Shake, Last time I saw Him!

One of Several Slab crappie ALL RELEASED!
One of Several Slab crappie ALL RELEASED!

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