A few days of warm weather have allowed the local news and radio to spout flood warnings. This is nature, this is Montana, and this is the Yellowstone. For the last 12 years we have experienced a severe dry spell, poor snow pack, little spring rain, not the case this season! We have already surpassed the yearly average in rainfall, with more predicted and plenty of snow hanging up high.

The River has needed a good blast for a long time coming. The blast of sand and cold water makes fish hungry and pulls off scummy algae deposits from over fertilizations on local hay fields and hobby ranchers.

The Yellowstone is back, and if you haven't found a place to stay...say starting around July first, you are missing out! This season will be a killer! Lots of green will hold the mud, glacier like snowpack will keep the river flowing, and the Yellowstone will be the place.

We have been fishing consistently and catching good, big, fat healthy fish. Tactics are non-traditional, but if you don't mind catching big fish all day, hopefully you can get past the norm. Give us a call 800-313-4868. Check out our website at www.montanasbestflyfishing.com

Fish Species: Trout
Bait Used: The Chicken
Tackle Used: 5 wt. Reddington
Method Used: Chuck and Duck
Water Depth: 1300 cfs
Water Temperature: 43
Wind Direction: south
Wind Speed: 5-15
Big fish, big sky!
Big fish, big sky!

JB asked this elk for advice!
JB asked this elk for advice!

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About The Author: Captain JB Klyap

Company: Dome Mountain Ranch

Area Reporting: Yellowstone River-Paradise Valley, Montana

Bio: Fly fisher for 35 years, published author, guide and outfitter in Montana.

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