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Crank bait in winter by Mike Gerry (01/01/2018)
It is easy to lose fish with a crank bait but there are some tips!
Winter Can be ideal Cranking Time by Mike Gerry (12/09/2017)
Winter is a great time for a crank bait and you can be versatile!
How to Fish a Deep Running Crankbait by Mike Gerry (08/18/2017)
Keys to fishing a deep running crank bait, and the effects of line size.
The Crank Bait battle by Mike Gerry (08/07/2017)
Sometimes fishing a crank bait can be frustrating, but there is a solution!
Tips for Crank Baiting by Mike Gerry (07/15/2017)
Some tips to make you a better crank bait fisherman; it\'s not rocket science.
Six to Ten Ft. Crank Baits by Mike Gerry (08/30/2016)
A look back at the good times and the small crank bait comes to mind!
Deep Cranking Tips by Mike Gerry (05/22/2016)
If you love to deep crank you will enjoy these tip bits, and be better!
Deep Cranking by Mike Gerry (05/12/2015)
If deep cranking hasn\'t gotten your attention then you have missed the best of the best!
Key to Fishing Jerk Baits by Mike Gerry (02/23/2015)
if your a jerk bait fisherman you need to read this article it opens the keys!
The First Ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament by Mike Gerry (12/20/2014)
Guntersville will host the first ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament on 5-30-15
Winter Cranking by Mike Gerry (11/15/2014)
Some tips to take advantage of the winter time conditions while cranking!
Igniting Summer Time bass by Mike Gerry (07/20/2013)
You can ignite the fish in the heat of the summer; it just takes the correct presentation!
May Madness by Mike Gerry (05/12/2013)
May is a blessed month for the crank bait fisherman, try it you\'ll see!
Breaking Down the A-rig by Mike Gerry (03/16/2013)
Things do change and the A-rig is no different than any other bait on the market.
Winter Time Crankin by Mike Gerry (03/10/2013)
Some things I live by when cranking in the winter, of early spring!
Lipless Rattle Bait Time by Mike Gerry (02/03/2013)
Early spring late winter it is time to fish a rattle bait, your choice of colors.
Fishing At or Below 25ft. by Mike Gerry (01/06/2013)
The future is bright with new ways to get to those deeper fish!
The Art of Long Lining by Mike Gerry (05/13/2012)
When you can\'t get the crankbait deep enough try this it might help!
The Keys to Deep Cranking by Mike Gerry (05/05/2012)
Some ways to improve your deep cranking Skills, no matter what your skill level.
Custom Painting Crank Baits by Mike Gerry (09/11/2011)
Some thoughts on the newest fad, the good news bad news of it also!
Crankbait Bass! Alabama's Guntersville Lake - Fall Crank baiting for Big, Largemouth Bass! by Reed Montgomery (09/05/2011)
Choose from among today\'s many styles of crankbaits, those that run shallow, those that run in the mid-depths and deep divers, for targeting Guntersville lake bass during this fall and early winter season.
The Fall Crank Bait Bite by Mike Gerry (08/08/2011)
There is no better time to work a crank bait than the fall of the year!
Bumping Wood with Crank Baits by Mike Gerry (05/07/2011)
The best way to gain cofidence using crank baits. Bumping wood!
Under Size Crank Baits for Fall Fishing by Mike Gerry (09/12/2010)
Some tips and ideas on small crank bait fishing! They can produce some big bites.
The Art of Working Crank Baits in Shallow Water by Mike Gerry (06/06/2010)
Some tips on square bill crank baits. How and where to fish them.
Road Beds and Crank Baits are a Good Match by Mike Gerry (05/09/2010)
Fish Stack up on Roadbeds. A great match.
Leading and Stroking a Crankbait by Mike Gerry (09/26/2009)
Some ways to keep your crankbait out of the grass and be productive.
Some Keys to Crank Bait Fishing by Mike Gerry (08/01/2009)
Some ways to win a tournament fishing crank baits.
Crank Bait Fishing Around Grass by Mike Gerry (05/16/2009)
Some ideas the elite left us with and my thoughts on crank bait fishing. Some ways to catch bass around the grass
Berkley's Frenzy Ratll'r in Red Craw Lipless Crankbaits, fishing baits for dummies? by Joe Joslin (03/01/2009)
Almost all bait companies have their own version of lipless crankbaits. Anyone can catch fish on this family of baits by just cast and reel but there are countless techniques creative fishermen use to get Mr Bass to get on board.