2007-04-28 23:08:22
Melbourne, Florida - Freshwater Fishing Report
Stick Marsh & Farm 13

If you like catching BIG bass on topwater it is time to STOP what you are doing and make immediate plans to come down and fish with me!! Think the top water action is sun-up and sun-down!! No! No! This is top water action ALL DAY LONG1 Yes, all day long! The bass make those big huge loud strikes on the Rattling Chug Bug. They make those awesome swirls that look like giant whirlpools. The bass chase the Bug. And sometimes they just hit it cast after cast until you finally get them hooked up. The top water bite is awesome and it is now. The top water bite will probably last all summer and all day long. Why wait and take a chance?

The bass can be caught on Texas rigged worms. They can be caught on Rattle Traps. They can be caught on spinner baits. The bass can be caught on Senko type baits. They can probably be caught on other lures too. Those are just the types I caught them on today. Itís a bunch of bass just catching one on each type of lure. Let me tell you - those other lures have nothing on a Rattling Chug Bug bite. When the Rattling Chung Bug happens here at Stick Marsh and Farm 13 it is the way to catch the larger bass. Yes, they prefer the top water to all the other lures. AND, Yes, it is an ALL DAY BITE!! Birght up sunshine! The top water bite might even be a little better in the middle of the day.

The bass will bite wild shiners. Why spend the bucks? If you can cast; and there is more to casting than swinging a rod and getting the lure to hit the water. Casting is landing near a target and knowing where you lay the line when it lands in the water. Where ever the line lands is the path the lure will take as you work it. There is an advantage if your casting is a little suspect at Stick Marsh and Farm 13 because you are fishing a stump field and not a stump line. Oh yea! It is wood fishing!

Want to come down on your own? Come on down! Bring a minimum of six Rattling Chug Bugs. The one with a gold chrome sides a black top and an orange bottom is excellent. The ones with chrome silver sides are also excellent. If you can find a clear one - go for it! Hey - any of them Rattling Chug Bugs will catch bass! Why six? Because if you come with the winpy tackle I see folks fish other lakes with you are gonna have them Chug Bugs taken away from you. Yes, these bass are seriously upset when they see a Chug Bug worked properly.

Today, I have a bass break 50 pound test braid. Yes! It broke 50 pound test braid! Sure, I thought it was my knot that slipped. I set the hook and the fish did not turn. Then I held the rod without winding and the bass just kept going. Terrible feeling - I can tell you! Then, about a few seconds later, six feet away my Rattling Chug Bug floated to the top. I went and got it back. The know was fine. There was a couple of inches more of line past the know. No Pickerel marks. It was a bass that broke the line.

My two largest today were ten and seven pounds. I missed two more that were also big. That was three larger than the ten that I know I missed. Sure, I was out there looking for fish for future guide trips, but, I would still like to have caught them.

Back in the mid-90ís I brought the Rattling Chug Bug to Florida and to Stick Marsh and Farm 13. I am the guy that made the Chug Bug bite at Stick Marsh and Farm 14 famous. Some of the older guides (none of them in the business now) and some of the older regular fishermen used to call me Mr. Chug-A-Bug. When I wrote ďolderĒ I did not mean they were old in age. I ment they were the men who were here in the early days of the lakes.

This could be the best top water bite of your lifetime. Make the decision it is worth it to come on down and get experienced in most fantastic bass top water action you can imagine.

I am so excited about this bite that I canít hardly get all of my thoughts down. Iíve been through this bite here before and I love the action. I love to share my passion for fishing and my knowledge of skills, techniques, and knowledge with my clients. It is tremendously fulfilling for me when my clients catch the bass of their dreams. On top water? How can it get better than that?

There was another boat near me today. The two in that boat probably caught more bass than I. However, I overheard them tell another boat that their largest was five pounds. Almost all I caught were over four pounds. You know I caught a bunch. So you know they were hauling in the bass with regularity. Hey, I was! So will YOU - all you have to do is to drop every thing and come on down.

My name is Hugh Crumpler. I am a legend among guides. My clients catch big bass. Browse the proof by going through the Big Bass Galleries at www.HughCrumpler.Com. When you are satisfied with the proof and want to be a part of the Big Bass Galleries just give me a call 321-722-3134 or cast me an e-mail Hugh@HughCrumpler.Com and YOU will be next!

Custom made lures by Hugh Crumpler are available at www.HughCrumplerLures.Com.

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used: Almost every thing
Tackle Used: Bait Casting
Method Used: Chugh- A - Bug
Water Depth: 2 FT OR LESS
Water Temperature: 84
Wind Direction: All over the place!
Wind Speed: low
Nice Bass!
Nice Bass!

Gets me excited!
Gets me excited!

About The Author: Captain Hugh Crumpler

Company: Hugh Crumpler - A Bass Guide

Area Reporting: Palm Bay, Florida

Bio: No bass fishing guide in Florida has more satisfied clients or more catches over ten pounds than angling pro Hugh Crumpler. Clients quite commonly catch between 30 and 50 bass a day, and even 100+ days happen regularly. For the ultimate in professionalism and value, spend your next Florida fishing trip with Hugh Crumpler on the legendary Stick Marsh & Farm 13!

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