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Company: Captain Bob Lemay Fishing Guide

Area Reporting: Biscayne Bay and Flamingo

Bio: Capt. Bob LeMay began his south Florida fishing career almost thirty years ago. He has worked for area tackle shops, mated on charter boats, but the highlight of those early years was winning the Lauderdale Billfish Tournament in 1973 with two anglers who had never fished for billfish before!

By the end of the seventies he was guiding part-time and tying flies commercially. In 1995, he began guiding fulltime. Through Umpqua Feather Merchants his fly patterns are now sold in shops around the world and in catalogues like LL Bean and Westbank Anglers.

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Flamingo backcountry 23 July (7/23/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Since Flamingo has two boat ramps you can launch into Florida Bay and return through Whitewater.... It's 60 mile circle with contstantly changing waters, scenery, and hungry fish.
Biscayne nights, 19 July (7/20/2010)
[Miami,FL] Night fishing this time of year with a fly rod or light spinning gear is a blast, and we've pretty much got the water to ourselves...
Flamingo backcountry, 14 July (7/14/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Last booking was on Saturday. The fish are cooking along the Gulf coast of the 'Glades from the Shark River north to Lostman's...
Biscayne Bay nights, end of June (6/29/2010)
[Miami,FL] Sightfishing baby tarpon at night right next to Miami / Miami Beach
Biscyane nights, backcountry days - 13 June (6/13/2010)
[Miami,FL] We fished six out of the last eight days, half at night, half during the daytime. Biscayne Bay nights, Everglades Flamingo days.
Everglades, late spring (5/25/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] These past four weeks have been fast and furious. We're now moving into a summer pattern with big snook, small to medium tarpon, and everything else biting.
18 April, tarpon heaven, at last (4/18/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] We're catching and releasing tarpon of every size now at night and day on plug, fly, and spinning tackle
Biscayne nights, Everglades Flamingo days (3/19/2010)
[Miami,FL] It's sightfishing for tarpon at night locally and the backcountry of the Everglades during the daytime...
Fishing report, Biscayne nights, Everglades days (3/04/2010)
[Miami,FL] The weather's been bad but the fish are biting... Tarpon at night - snook, reds, and trout during the daytime
Everglades interior, Flamingo (2/16/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Even with bad, cold weather there's still a lot of good fishing in the interior of the 'Glades.
Biscayne babies on fire (2/05/2010)
[Miami,FL] The night time baby tarpon next to Miami Beach are hot now, just in time for the Boat Show...
Good News, Everglades days- Biscayne nights (1/26/2010)
[Miami,FL] Speckled trout and redfish survived the recent fishkills in good shape. The night time tarpon action in Biscayne Bay is in fine shape....
Everglades backcountry, fishing in the icebox (1/18/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Although there's many reports of bad fish kills here....In the backcountry of the 'Glades there's still good fishing right now.
Biscayne nights, Everglades days (12/29/2009)
[Miami,FL] Right now it's baby tarpon at night on flies or lures locally. In the Everglades out of Flamingo it's grouper, snook, and everything else each day.
Fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days (11/01/2009)
[Miami,FL] We fished both day and night trips this week. It was sightfishing small tarpon and snook on fly at night and light tackle angling along the Gulf coast of the Everglades during the daytime.
Fishing Report, Everglades backcountry - Flamingo (10/24/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] Report covers the past six weeks in the backcountry out of Flamingo from the long end of summer to this week's fall temperature break.
First Week Of Snook Season - Fishing Flamingo (9/08/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] This time of year it's snook, several kinds of grouper, and more sharks than you can imagine - all together in the same incredible spots.
Snook Season Open In Flamingo Everglades National Park (9/01/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] The day before the season opens is a great time for a little exploring and cheking out where to bring my anglers wanting to tangle with every size of snook..
Everglades days & Biscayne nights (8/11/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] This report covers the last 30 days, guiding in the daytime in the Park or at night locally in Biscayne Bay.
Snook Fishing Flamingo Is Hot (9/21/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo continues to be the hot place this past week, with tarpon and snook leading the action. The area of choice has been along the Gulf coast north and south of the Shark River.
Flamingo Red Hot For Tarpon (8/23/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo has turned red hot for tarpon in the last week. On Monday we jumped six fish in three hours from 50 up to almost 100 lbs at one spot on bait and lures.
Flamingo and Biscayne Bay Fishing (7/26/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] This past week we've covered a lot of ground. One of the nice features of living and fishing in south Florida is that there's always good fishing somewhere nearby... if you're willing to tow your skiff up and down the highway, of course.
Tarpon Fishing Biscayne Bay (7/12/2006)
[Miami,FL] This past week we've been concentrating on fly fishing tarpon, both during the daytime out of Flamingo and at night in Biscayne Bay....
Fishing Has Been Hot In Flamingo (6/27/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] With the exception of the past few days heavy rains, fishing continues to be hot both day and night now that summer is here
Tarpon On Biting Everywhere (6/14/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] The small tarpon are still cooking everywhere....
Small Tarpon in Flamingo (6/06/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] This past week the small tarpon fishing in both the 'Glades out of Flamingo and at night in Biscayne Bay has come alive.
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