Fishing Reports by Captain Ron Santee

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Company: Capt. Rons Fishermen

Area Reporting: Raritan Bay/Sandy hook

Bio: Following in my fathers footsteps, I have been a licensed Captain for 30 years. Our family has been in the fishing business since 1955. Fishing is not a job, it's a way of life!

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FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 5/10/12 (5/10/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Working hard to get it done as the morning bite had us back on track after the "SUPER MOON"!!
FISHERMEN/ Thursday 5/3/12 fishing report (5/03/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Not much too report as the past couple days have been tough fishing......
FISHERMEN/Excellent Jig fishing today! 4/29/12 (4/29/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Miles of Bluefish have invaded the Jersey Shore. Today was non-stop action fishing with the artificials!!
FISHERMEN/Good morning Bait bite..4/26/12 (4/26/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice pick of bass through the early incoming tide, all on clams.
FISHERMEN/Then the Fog lifted!! 4/21/12 (4/21/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Tough morning until the Fog lifted, then it was lights out bassin!!
FISHERMEN/Much better fishing today. 4/19/12 (4/19/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Bait and Jig fishing were both hot today!
FISHERMEN/Working hard to get it done! 4/18/12 (4/18/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Tough bite today as seeing them and catching them are worlds apart!!!
Fishermen/Monday Madness with the Regs! (4/16/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good jig fishing for Stripers today. Fish up to 21 pounds!
Fishermen/Very good Bass fishing today! 4/15/12 (4/15/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good morning bite with the bait. Switched it up to jigs for the late morning with good success.
Fishermen/Very good Bass fishing today! (4/03/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] One day a bum, next day a hero in this business as the bite was on today with an awesome Striper Bite.!!!!!!!!!!!
Fishermen/First trip Success!! (4/01/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice morning bite on the Striped Bass to start our up to 18 pounds today!!
Fishermen Crew trip to start the season!! (3/31/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice crew trip to start the season. Striped bass up to 15 pounds.
Fishermen Crew trip to start the season!! (3/30/2012)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Wanted to do some searching and fishing today with the crew before the mad rush begins.....Glad we did, had a beautifull day out there!!
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 10/3/11 (10/03/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Finally a shot of colder weather gets the Stripers to bite!!
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 8/24/11 (8/24/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Found some nice fish in the ocean today after a little searching and having to leave the channels.
FISHERMEN/Excellaent ocean fishing 8/19/11 (8/19/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Another very good fishing day for those who came out. Weatherman is killing us this year!!
FISHERMEN/Good ocean fishing 8/18/11 (8/18/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Another good day in the deep on quality size Fluke! Pool fish went 6 1/2 pounds...
FISHERMEN/Good ocean fishing 8/17/11 (8/17/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good deep water fishing once again! I must have died and went to Fluke heaven!!!
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 8/16/11 (8/16/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice Ocean fishing today after 5 inches of rain and two days at the dock!!!
FISHERMEN/Good Ocean Fishing 811/11 (8/11/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Quality fish out in the deep once again today. Pool Fish 7 pounds, second place 6.10...
Fishermen/Double digit Fluke today! 8/9/11 (8/09/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Ocean fishing once again today, catching the big ones!
FISHERMEN/Ocean Fishing report 8/8/11 (8/08/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] After a couple very tough days in the bay, it was back out to the ocean in search of the Fluke!!
Fishermen/Crap weekend report 8/7/11 (8/07/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very tough Fishing the past few days with a swell that makes it all the way too the back bay!!
Fishermen/Thursdays fishing report 8/4/11 (8/04/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Had to fish the bay today after 4 great days in the ocean. Too much wind with the tide would have made the drift impossible.
Fishermen/Tuesdays fishing report 8/2/11 (8/02/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Tough morning, lousy conditions to start the day, much better in the afternoon after a LONG WAIT!!
Fishermen/Mondays fishing report 8/1/11 (8/01/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice day Ocean fishing today. Steady action on quality fish!!
FISHERMEN/Sundays Fishing report 7/31/11 (7/31/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good non-stop action today fishing in the Ocean. More shorts than keepers but we still put together a very nice catch!!
FISHERMEN/Charter Fishing report 7/29/11 (7/29/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Great day for our company Charter today. Steady fishing for the group catching keepers and shorts.
Fishermen/Another Excellent day fishing 7/28/11 (7/28/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Four days in a row with a very good bite on Fluke. Largest today was 5 1/2 pounds.
FISHERMEN/New Big Fish Pool Leader! 7/27/11 report (7/27/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Several limits once again today on fish up to 8 1/2 pounds!! Very good action for the 3rd day in a row.
Fishermen/Excellent Big fish report 7/26/11 (7/26/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Fluke up to 11 pounds today with several 3 to 8 1/2 pounders in the mix!!
Fishermen Fishing Report/Hot Monday bite! 7/25/11 (7/25/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good fishing in the bay on Fluke up to 9 pounds today!!
Fishermen/Fishing report Sunday 7/24/11 (7/24/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good Fluke fishing for our Charter today. Best Charter catch in a long time!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Report for 7/20/11 (7/20/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Tough day today after the good reports of Quality fish the past couple days. Not a good bite to be found for us.
FISHERMEN/OCEAN FISHING 7/19/11 (7/19/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Big fish in the deep the past couple of days! Ocean fishing at it's finest!
Fishermen Fishing Report/7/18/11 (7/18/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Quality fish in deep water today. Nice to get out of the bay for a change and find a good bite!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Fishing report for 7 /17/11 (7/17/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Fished the Ocean for a change of pace today. Thought the full moon would have killed the AM, but was wrong on that one!!
Fishermen Fishing Report/7/13/11 (7/13/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Worst Fluke fishing day of the season today..great conditions and no bite.
Capt. Ron/ FISHERMEN/Report for 7/7/11 (7/07/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Not as hot as yesterday (weather wise) and the bite was a tad slower, but still good fishing.
Capt. Ron/ FISHERMEN/Report for 7/6/11 (7/06/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Hot bite today! Weather and fish wise. High hook landed 11 keepers!
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 7/5/11 (7/05/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] You get out of it what you put into it, in life, in fishing, whatever. Today was no differant!@
FISHERMEN/JULY 4th Fishing report (7/04/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Same story as the past 4 drift to start, bite gets better after the change and some movement.
FISHERMEN fishing report for 7/3/11 (7/03/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Nice size fish today for the small group of customers that came out. Rain in the AM hurt the business once again.
FISHERMEN/Saturdays fishing report 7/2/11 (7/02/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Slow start to the morning due to conditions. Afternoon bounced right back after the change of tide!
FISHERMEN/Big Fish Friday! 7/1/11 (7/01/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Once the current started to run, the bite was on with fish up to 7 pounds!
Fishermen/Quality Fish today 6/28/11 (6/28/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice fish the past two days with limits and Fluke up to 7 pounds!!
FISHERMEN/Fishing report 6/23/11 (6/23/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good action on short fish with the keepers just missing the right size!!
FISHERMEN/Tough Tuesday Fishing report (6/21/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Terrible conditions all day today certainly hurt our catch.
FISHERMEN/Mondays Fishing report 6/20/11 (6/20/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Not the hot fishing of yesterday, but some quality keepers once again.
FISHERMEN/Fathers day fishing report. (6/19/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very nice all day bite for Father day with quality keepers coming aboard!!
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