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JAX has monster Reds! (7/10/2011)
[Jacksonville,FL] Can't speak for the rest of the state. But one thing we have here is ginormaous Redfish, or as I refer to them as...REDBASS, "Brutus T. Redbass."
Jacksonville's weather change report (10/21/2009)
[Jacksonville,FL] Brrrr...finally fall was here. But was GONE as fast as it came. 19th & 20 were cool, but the 21st was right back to warm again.
Jacksonville Fla. Report (10/03/2009)
Late Sept. Jacksonville reports - Excerpts (9/30/2009)
[Jacksonville,FL] If you are a frequent visitor here, you know I tell it the way I see it. I call a day when there's a really high incoming tide and a N.E. or East wind. A "K.O.D." day. Not very conducive for river float-rig fishing for Speckled Trout, less alone anything else. So what's the best thing to do? Hit the bottom. And this morning we had really no alternative.
Fishing For Redifsh In Jacksonville Florida (5/09/2009)
[Jacksonville,FL] REDS. REDS, REDS..... Super day, lots of action. And I guess the sharks are in close now! Ohhh, that means someone's gonna join the "100 pounder club" here soon.
Jacksonville Mid April Reports: (4/17/2009)
[Jacksonville,FL] Lots going on...Filling the fish box almost every day with Trout and more.
Jan. Jacksonville Fla. Fishing Report (1/21/2009)
[Jacksonville,FL] All ya have to do is have friends that live & fish in the Northeast to appreciate what COLD really is and hear them complaining to appreciate what we have.
JAN. Jacksonville fishing report (1/09/2009)
[Jacksonville,FL] Good to see Wayne again...he's always been the big fish guy on the boat.
Jacksonville area FISH FEST! DEC. (12/18/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] HOLY SMOKES....hand me my float-rig rod and I'm ready to whoop some fish along the giant granite rocks... AND SO WILL YOU!
NOVEMBER & DECEMBER TROUT/Jacksonville's St. Johns River (11/23/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Do you want big time Trout and redfish fishing? RIGHT NOW is the time to call and book your private & personal light tackle/big water charter.
Mid Sept. Jacksonville Florida....GATOR TROUT (9/16/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Dave thinks like me. He says, "Two each, okay that's enough of them....let's go." All the while my hand was on the key switch, ready to start the engine myself and move on. We're on the smae page and in search for "boxers". (boxer's are fish that land in the fish box head first)
Jacksonville Speck Report (9/08/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Don admitted, I had to shake him up a bit to get him on the boat again. Last time we went he caught jetty trout and a big 21 pound Spring time Red, some more Reds and some monster spawning Sheepshead.
9/3 - Jacksonville, Florida - St. Johns River (9/04/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Okay, I read the weather report as I always do the day before (Tuesday). And it read windy! All week the report was labeled, "SCA" - small craft advisory! But........
THINK FISH, AFTER FAYE!!!!! (8/22/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] I'll never forget the last time 20 plus inches of rain fell in the southern river regions. It wasn't two weeks later, that every fish in the Jacksonville river area was pushed towards the Mayport jetties.
Tarpon, Sharks, Pogies & warm water? (8/10/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] The hunt for TARPON, SHARK & warm coastal ocean waters, has been a chore lately in Lake Atlantic. So traveling has been part of the fishing for Tarpon equation.....
Drag screamers, in mile from inlet - Jacksonville Fla. (8/02/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Sharks, 100 pound Blacktips...have been the best thing going. Fast, quick, and close if you're looking for ACTION! Add in a King Mackerel or two and that will make your arms tired, enough in a 6 hr trip.
Jacksonville Florida......Trout Galore! (5/30/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] We left out good and early, prior to 7am. The plan was to casually hop from spot to spot. No high stress, no frantic fishing, just two guys out enjoying a day of hunting big Specks.
Jacksonville FL Fishing - Trout Galore! (5/26/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] It's that time of the year when you have to be very attentive to the "migration" of the big fat Female Trout working thier way up river from the inlet....but at the same time, there's monsters in the surf too. Go figure.......
Relentless winds....but fun none the less! (5/14/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] winds have been terrible, but if you can get out of it the fishing is real good. Especially the Specks. And of course I like that!
TWO DAVES - Jacksonville G-A-T-O-R report (5/01/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Who would think, on a day when we are struggling, the weather stinks, and the barometer is falling like a dead horse, I finally join the.......
Jacksonville's St. Johns River Inlet report (4/23/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] James from the chesapeake area took a bus down to Jacksonville, then a taxi, just to fish with me... Wow, he really wanted to learn how to Float-rig fish bad!
12/27 - Jacksonville, The BIG Inlet! (1/04/2008)
[Jacksonville,FL] Trout, Trout, Trout.....but it was funny. Where was Mr. Red? Oh thats right...we lost two back to back. And caught one ugly cousin, a Black Drum.
12/12- Jacksonville Fla. ROCK RIOT (12/13/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] The jetty rocks in Mayport Florida that protect the inlet are havens for winter Trout & BIG REDS!
11/14/07 - PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. Jacksonville Florida report (11/15/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Yep, compared to 4 days ago when the wind was HONKIN' 20 knots or better at times and the bite shut down to nearly came the WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY. Some take it, some let it go by. Who do you think I am??
11/5 - Too Long, Too Less (Jacksonville to Amelia Island Florida) (11/09/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Just a solo trips for Nick, but he wanted me to fish along with him, and he showed up his fishing guide......ME. It took all day for me to catch up!
10/23- Octobers warm, but FISHEY! (10/24/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Set record heat today for October 23rd in Jacksonville Florida. But the bull Redfish were HOT, too!
10/19 - Jacksonville Florida river & inlet report (10/21/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] JACKSONVILLE FISHING: I took John and Dennis today. First off we went to the inlet, for some string stretching' Redbass. It didn't take long for my big mullet chunks to be sniffed out by those "noses with fins and a tail".
Jacksonville Florida Redfish Fishing St. Johns River (10/14/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Wow was Saturday a busy day on the river. After lots of rain and wind, everyone was out dispite lots of wind still.....But we managed keeper and whopper Redfish
After a week of high winds & rain - Jacksonville FLA (10/05/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] No less than 5 days of rain...and I mean Forest Gump, BIG RAIN. If your not from here, then you won't realize that in the last 2 weeks or more we've had all the rain we were suppose to get "all" summer,
9/27 - Wading thru the HIGH water - Jacksonville (9/27/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] HIGH TIDES mean one thing as we swing into the fall season.....wade fishing for tailing Redfish. It's fun even though you may or may not see "tailers".
9/16 to 9/21?? There's not much we can do about the weather. Jacksonville Fl (9/19/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Boy, am I sick and tired of hearing about how terrible the rain and high winds we're experiencing in NE Florida this week are. At least some people get to go to work....
9/11 - Just the Opposite? (9/13/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Had two Army guys out today. And it was the direct opposite of yesterday. I think the gale wind gusts may had something to do with that.
9/10 - 1/2 & 1/2 (9/11/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Shallow, deep and in between, from nice 3 pound Speckled Trout top 16 pound Redfish. It was a beautiful day to be on the St. Johns River.
9/2 - Great Day....Was This A Cold Spell (9/02/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] WHAT? A day out fishing and we weren't sweating profusely?? Just catching some fun fish, with 3 guys from Australia.
N.E. Florida's back country is quiet & serene (9/01/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] NE Florida does have some serious back country. It's just that as a fishing guide I worry about long rides with customers...and I am also on a time line. But there is places where silence is GOLDEN.
Diggin' Deep in Jacksonville's St Johns River inlet (8/26/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Going deep to the bottom of the St, Johns River in summer has it's Up's & Down's. Or should I say...unstoppables and catch'ables
Fishing, before back to school. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA (8/17/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Back to school Monday morning....this is my last summer vacation kid trip. And dad brings home the B-A-C-O-N!
Jacksonville to Amelia Island Florida - JR ANGLERS DAY (8/16/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] School starts the rush is on to get the kids out fishing!
Jacksonville - Amelia Island report (8/11/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Batchelor Party! Yep, after a night of debauchery....(I don't think it was that bad) I had 9 guys, 3 each on 3 boats. Hung-over, maybe? At the ripe time of 0630 hrs.
Let's experiment - Fishing Amelia Island (8/09/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] It's been so HOT, and summer duldrums have set in, time to experiment elsewhere. And man it worked!
8/6 - When bad gets a bit better? (8/07/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] HOT & miserable inshore fishing so far this week. Damn, I can't wait for winter!!!!!!!
August Nor'easter already? Jacksonville-Amelia Island Florida (8/01/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] THIS IS WHAT I DO...when I don't have a charter booked, I still go fishing. Even in bad conditions. I don't hunt, watch TV, I fish.
7/30 - EXPECTATIONS......EXCEEDED Jacksonville to Amelia Island Fla. (7/31/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Ya' can't catch great fish on a Float-rig all day long...Yeah right!!!! Dream on... Here's what two Missourians caught, and it exceeded my expectations.
A perfect weather day....Jacksonville/Mayport Florida (7/26/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Had a bunch of those late callers, you know the people who call one day and want to go the next day, no planning, but then again no reserving either. I call'em "tire-kickers" so......
When Sly met Jack and........ (7/23/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Kids...I love taking the lil ones. And by that I mean the 5-10 year olds. They are delighted with everything, and some are better on a boat than adults!!!!
Awesome day in 97 degree heat! (7/18/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] It was so hot...but then again so was the fishing. I just had to go out bymyself after Saturday's slaughter with customer Chris C.
A perfect day, with a summer time flair (7/14/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Limits of SPECKS, then BLACK DRUM, REDFISH. Then Flounder, all in less than 4 hours! Fishing with the HOOCH is always a great time.
7/9 - Bait stress or Captain stress, or both? (7/09/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Had 8 dozen live river crickets in the well and decided to give the southern part of my stomping grounds a try, again. The tide was a bit high as we arrived, and since everything seems to be a low tide bite, I told the guys we have plenty of time to get familiar with the float-rig system.
7/9 - Jacksonville to Amelia island Florida (inshore) (7/08/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] HOT, RAIN, HUMID discribes the weather over this past 4th of July holiday week. And busy as all hell. Fishing every day that I can squeeze people into.
Kids trip & more (6/29/2007)
[Jacksonville,FL] Kids.....I do a lot of two hour just for the small kids type charters. I like doing them and the kids like them too. Here's the one I did today.
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