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Kingpin has solid November by Lee Keidel (11/27/2011)
Sails, Marlin, and Dorado (Mahi) provide solid action aboard the Kingpin and other Tamarindo based boats
Sails are here, Tuna too by Lee Keidel (11/08/2011)
Great Fishing light winds Kickoff 2011-2012 Season Good Times aboard the Kingpin
Kingpin has great August Action! by Lee Keidel (9/01/2011)
Billfish, Tuna, Grouper and More!!! Grat action!
Near-shore Action Still on Point by Lee Keidel (7/26/2011)
Offshore has been up and down, but near shore has provided good action!
Rainy Season Fishing by Lee Keidel (8/27/2010)
August fishing provides good action aboard the Kingpin: Snapper, Grouper, Sails, and Dorado provide most of the action
Good Rainy Season Fishing by Lee Keidel (6/06/2010)
Heavy Rains Bring Good Action To Tamarindo and Surrounding Areas
Great Inshore Fishing by Steve Curtis (4/09/2010)
Inshore fishing out of Tamarindo has been very good lately.
Fishing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica by Warren Sellers (2/04/2010)
The Jensen party fished for two days. They caught three mahi mahi, a bunch of grouper, raised three sailfish and landed one.
Hot OffShore Action hits Tamarindo by Lee Keidel (1/10/2010)
Christmas and New Years brought a strong bite to the Tamarindo Area. Mahi and Sails were in great abundance. Most days were non- stop action!!!
November and December brings good Action to Tamarindo by Lee Keidel (12/06/2009)
November and December bring lots of large Dorado, Tuna, and Striped Marlin to the Tamarindo area.
Tamarindo Fishing Reports by Genaro Mendez (9/03/2009)
Here a couple of reports on late August from Playa Tamarindo Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Green Season Brings Strong Bite to Tamarindo by Lee Keidel (7/21/2009)
Green Season brings good bite to Playa Tamarindo and the Gold Coast. Kingpin Sportfishing reports good action and calm seas. Weather has been mild and "little summer" is here. Don't miss this great summer action! Look us up on the web
Feb Fishing in Tamarindo / Corillo by Lee Keidel (2/13/2009)
Febuary brings Marlin action to North Pacific.
Kingpin Sportfishing Tamarindo, Costa Rica by Lee Keidel (8/16/2008)
July and August hold on for good late season action aboard the Kingpin (Tamarindo, CR)
Tamarindo, Costa Rica Report- June 16th by Adam Hermsen (6/16/2008)
Today was one of those days!!! Lots of debri holding Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, and Blue Marlin
December brings strong Tuna and Marlin bite to Tamarindo by Lee Keidel (12/12/2007)
Kingpin Sportfishing reports good action with Marlin, Tuna, and Dorado.
Kingpin Sportfishing Co Tamarindo Sportfishing Report by Lee Keidel (10/31/2007)
Nov brings solid action to Playa Tamarindo and Surrounding areas. Kingpin, Ocean Smasher, Osprey report good action with sails, tuna, dorado, scattered marlin, and productive bottom fishing for snapper and grouper.
Kingpin Sportfishing October Catch Report Tamarindo, Costa Rica by Lee Keidel (10/05/2007)
Late Sept. and early Oct. have brought productive fishing to the Tamarindo Area.
Hot August Action In Playa Tamarindo by Lee Keidel (8/22/2007)
August brings a hot mixed bag of Action to the Playa Tamarindo area. Marlin, Sails, big Dorado, and large Tuna were the name of the game... and still are!