Fishing Jigs and Weightless Baits In Lake Fork

2006-11-16 06:25:43
Lake Fork, Texas - Freshwater Fishing Report
Birch Creek

Well, this week the fisherman could go from hero to zero in a heart beat. The fishing has really been unstable. Patterns have changed quickly. The weather has done the same. We still have not had rain enough to do any good for the lake. The lake is still falling and is about 5Ď.5 low. This time of year with all the fronts coming down the patterns will change daily or during the day. The wind has controlled the deep water this week. Yesterdays wind was something else. I live on a east cove and the bank at my dock looked like Galveston Bay with the waves. I know this muddied up my cove so you can bet other east banks will show the same. Big spinner baits fished over and around these areas that have grass may get you a big bite as fish may invade this grass from all the stirring up of the water. Shallow running Crank baits are another good pattern after the big wind. I would keep a jig handy and work every piece of cover from shallow out to 12 foot of water. The fish may hold tight to cove the next couple of days with the high pressure. Work a tree or stump with many pitches as it may take several pitches to get the strike. Weightless baits like Lake fork Tackle Ring Fries, Zig Zags, and Twitch worms fished weightless or wacky over and around grass in the afternoons may get you a few bites. Wave Tiki Sticks fished the same way can be just as productive in the above areas. The Carolina and Texas rig out deep when you can get there is a good pattern. Find the fish and bait with your electronics and drop a marker and back off and cast Tail spinners, spoons, Carolina and Texas Rigs, and Swim baits till you find out what they want. Donít forget there are days that a jigging spoon or tail spinner can be you best friend. What I mean is this may be the only way to get a bite. I have had days where you only had to hold the spoon or tail spinner about 6 inches off the bottom and donít move it. This usually happens when the water gets colder. Lake Fork Tackle has a new swim bait out you need to check out. This bait can be fished on a jig head or on a Carolina Rig. The action is something else.

The fishing may be tough the next day or so but should level out and get back to normal or what ever we can call normal. The crappie are stacking up at the dam and main lake points. Use your electronics to locate bait and fish and drop a jig or small minnow down to them.

I still have dates open in November and December if you want to book a day give me a call.

Jim Reaneau


Fish Species: Bass
Bait Used:
Method Used: Lures
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 62
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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