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2007-08-04 11:10:27
Savannah, Georgia - Saltwater Fishing Report
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August 6, 2007

Captain Judy’s Saltwater Fishing Report

Which includes:

Inshore report, Offshore Report, Freshies Suggestions, and “Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not!” (Story)

Inshore Spec Rigs

These rigs can be purchased at most tackle stores. They are small painted jig lead head type rig. The provided hooks are simply look like regular jig heads. After reading the instructions on back you will find that after adding the sinker that the “Spec Rig” is a two-hook type bottom rig type. It’s easy to set up and simple to use. All you have to add is a sinker, bait, and you are ready to fish. There is more news…. It’s very inexpensive. Not only that but it’s an old time fishing rig that is considered a “well kept secret” by many fishermen. Now that you have this information, go buy some as soon as possible. I am using Betts “SPEC RIG MAGNUM.”

The rule of thumb when using this rig is a simple one. It’s great to use when just plain old bottom fishing is on your mind. The best bait can be anything from shrimp to fish. The secret is to not use large pieces of any type. Large baits in this case effects the way the rig is retrieve and won’t get you must action. This is rig is prefect for using with light tackle main line.

Spec Rigs can be used as a simple bottom rig or as one that is cast out and retrieved. When using as a bottom rig all you have to do is bait it up and drop it. Believe me if a fish is there they hit it. Another way to get a better chance at a hook up is to “cast away.” Pick any direction from your position and cast your rig as far as you can. You need to make sure that you don’t throw your bait off. Once it sinks to the bottom take the slack out of the line and pause. Then retrieve a bit, pause, retrieve more, and pause. This type of retrieval gives any fish in the zone, time to act. As far as what you might hook up “this fish list is long!” Give this style of fishing a try!

Fish Species: spotted sea trout, whiting, flounder
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