April 6,2011

Ran another jetty trip had the peasure of taking out someone from New Brunswick,Canada this time Kim and John managed limits of Billreds tagged ( new name) haha gaftop that were huge, sheephead limits. Was a very good trip

TIP for all new anglers :

Remember when booking a jetty trip discuss what fish you will be keeping and catching. On some boats just because u catch it doesn't mean they will keep it. Ask Ask Ask .

WE NEVER CHARTER BASH OTHER BOATS. Please do not call and complain about the other boat you went with we have had calls already doing this and it's only April.

Take care and tight lines

Lynn and Captain Bill Curry

Workingman Charters

Finsanity Charters

35' Donzi


Fish Species: Bullreds,Gaftop, sheephead
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
catch picture of our canadians-Kim Carruthers
catch picture of our canadians-Kim Carruthers

sheephead do have teeth
sheephead do have teeth

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