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Company: Workingman Charters

Area Reporting: Galveston Texas - Freeport Texas Offshore

Bio: I am a Lic. U.S.C.G 50T Master Capt. # 1108123 and Texas Parks and Wildlife Guide Reg. also certified in First Aid and Scuba Diving and Towing Assistance to Boaters in Distress and a member of the American Professional Captains Association. I am also a "Captain for Hire" and a member of the Texas Saltwater Guides Association.

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Galveston jetty full of fish (7/02/2012)
[Galveston,TX] July 1st 2012 Sunday afternoon trip with another six anglers wore me my deckhand and customers out. These guys put 65 fish in the cooler - (it took longer to clean um than it did to catch um
Galveston grand slam (7/02/2012)
[Galveston,TX] What a busy weekend. Sunday morning trip in the Galveston Bay Complex resulted in a nice catch for anglers Javier Hernandez Sr. son Javier Jr. and friends Johnny, Jose, George and Ceasar. 42 keepers
Slammed Fish Limits (4/30/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Winds were holding back most boat but, the bigger center consoles got out and slammed fish limits.
04/29/2011 Galveston Jetty Fishing (4/29/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Galveston jetties were blowing today but, Captain Bill and his group slammed the fish. Had 6 guys on the boat. For video search aggiemomx1
The Ling have made a early arrival in Deep Waters off Galveston (4/23/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Ling arrive early in 2011 in the deepwaters of the gulf of mexico. Not a April Fools joke either.
04/22.2011 (4/22/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Had the pleasure of having the Milner's on the boat today was a good trip managed about 30 sand trout,sheephead and gafttop. windy but, beautiful weather.
04/21/2011 (4/21/2011)
[Galveston,TX] First i might add we have ran some pretty great trip the last few months, This was no different now these guys could fish. This was a family trip and was suppose to be 6 ended up with 2 guy's.
04/11/2011 (4/11/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Another windy day but, we had 2 people onboard so a limits were not hard to get.
04/09/2011 (4/09/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Winds were pretty strong but, we found the fish. We started catching sheephead then all the sudden the bite just died. So we moved to a smoother spot and start landing a few sand trout.
04/06/2011 Galveston jetty fishing (4/06/2011)
[Galveston,TX] New Brunswick,Canada this time Kim and John managed limits of Billreds tagged,gaftop that were huge, sheephead limits. Was a very good trip
Galveston jetty fishing 04/03/2011 (4/03/2011)
[Galveston,TX] We had a trip today to the jetty with 5 kids + the dad.Turned out to be good day on the water what a sunday This was a great trip
03/30/2011 (3/30/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Well, you can mark yesterday as a wierd weather day. Had a 75m booked was rough that morning throughout the day so we made the call the jetties would be the plan. Brought in a full limit of sheephead for the Larew's who were real troopers!!
03/27/2011 (3/27/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Spring break is a wonderful time to fish. Everything is comming in breeding so there is no telling what you will bring in. Wonferful group from Mississippi. U have to see these pictures
03/26/2011 (3/26/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Great trip with a family from canada.Weather was nasty but, the fish were On.
03/18/2011 (3/18/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Fishing trip for Bill Taylors family started out slow but, had full limit of sheephead by the 3rd hr. then the bullreds moved in
03/17/2011 (3/17/2011)
[Galveston,TX] originally we were suppose to run on the 15th but, weather kept us in so first opening on the 17th we made the short jetty run
03/16/2011 (3/16/2011)
[Galveston,TX] my customers had a ball these guys had a lady onboard and every hookup she brought one in we actually limited out in about 2 hrs.
03/13/2011 (3/13/2011)
[Galveston,TX] Had the pleasure of taking out a company group from a shipping company here in Houston, had the pleasure of having a Russian Frieghter Captain Onboard the boat.
Galveston jetty fishing 10/26/2010 (10/26/2010)
[Galveston,TX] sea's were rough and choppy but, we were on the fish. Had the pleasure of running a generation trip today. Great bunch of people who knew how to fish.
Galveston jetties 10-23-2010 (10/23/2010)
[Galveston,TX] Wild winds and big fish. Galveston jetties produced us some big bullreds today.
Galveston Night Fishing 7/25/2010 (7/26/2010)
[Galveston,TX] What a trip very productive. Everything was biting. If someone would havehung a toe in the water it would have caught a fish.
Night Fishing in Galveston Bay (6/04/2010)
[Galveston,TX] May 29,2010 Who would have thought a night fishing trip would have been the way to go winds were light water lil bump here and there and HOT. The bite was on boated slots reds, and speckled trout without any problem at all.
Big Snapper are in Offshore waters (6/04/2010)
[Galveston,TX] This trip was for the " Hall of Fame " which is a pen tourney they run every year out of Galveston clients buy tickets to fish in each division offshore/ inshore or youth .
75 mile run from galveston texas (9/20/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Capt.Will is definitly showing his stuff right now I had the Donzi out at 75 miles landing at dock nice trip. The fish are really starting to come in.
Galveston Jetty Fishing (9/20/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Fish are really turning on at the jetties due to the drop in water temps this week.
Galveston Deep Sea Fishing (9/20/2009)
[Galveston,TX] fishing has been fantastic we have been bringing in amberjack 40-50 lbers and mahi , ling is starting to scatter, Brought in some nice warsaw grouper from around 80 miles.
Galveston deep sea fishing by the boats (8/15/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Galveston Bay and jetty fishing for shark,redfish,trout.ery good trip for 50 miles out bringing in a 7' blacktip shark I will post these up tonight cause randy said everyone was popping photos of Bill's fish these were returners of capt.Bill's very nice always group of 2. Got full limit snapper, the blacktip, only 1 keeper kingfish though
Galveston deep sea fishing (8/15/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Hit a area today haven't hit in awhile fairly close in had a catch and release warsaw grouper unfortuanly to small to keep only maybe 4lbs.,had our fill of releasing pretty large jack crevalle,managed a full snapper limit up to 14 lbs. all of them,and a full limit of kingfish.
Galveston 50 mile trip waiting on photos (8/15/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Galveston 50 mile trip waiting on photos
Galveston Bay and jetty fishing for shark,redfish,trout. (8/15/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Galveston Bay and jetty fishing for shark,redfish,trout.
Galveston jetty fishing (8/04/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Jetty trip out half day, Fisherman, Everything that hit they brought in actually had to start thrwoing back bullreds, and the slots was a fun trip.
8/2/2009 Jetty Deep fishing Galveston,Tx (8/02/2009)
[Galveston,TX] On the jetty trips we have been bringing in some decent specks,and sand trout,and slot reds, Bullreds are picking up.deep I have been bring in some big kingfish,limits of nice snapper up to 18lbs and some nice 6' blacktip shark,mahi lots of them !
7/24/2009 Galveston Offshore Trip (8/02/2009)
[Galveston,TX] limits of red snapper up to 22 lbs, and 3 nice ling the normal size around 40 lbs, limits of kingfish, 1 shark went about 6' blacktip remember the mahi is deeper than 50 mile trips
7/26/2009 (7/26/2009)
[Galveston,TX] 6' shark caught off the shrimpers limit of kingfish biggest being 25 lbs and 3 keeper snapper. got back to dock and even the fish cleaning table was dry so i guess it turned into a a good day.
Bay Fishing Galveston 7/23/2009 (7/23/2009)
[Galveston,TX] plenty,speckled trout mixed with sand trout,gafftop sail catfish,sharks caught and released was a good day fishing for our charter.
Galveston Bay,Jetty Fishing (7/22/2009)
[Galveston,TX] captain Bill and Deckhand Randy did a very good job keeping this family with 2 smaller ones very busy bringing into dock full limits of Bullreds with many being caught and released along with a few specs and sand trout and others including flounder looks like today turned into a very busy day as far as fishing goes.
Galveston Fishing 7/21/2009 (7/21/2009)
[Galveston,TX] I have updated the calender now and tomm and the next few days I will be uploading all captain Bill's new photo's.Got some really good photos of Captain Bill's trout fishing in the bay and jetty area and some good offshore fishing pictures if you have any send them.
Galveston Jetty Fishing Trip 6/21/09 (6/21/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Had a very nice group of people owners of Aztec communications Happy fathers day Rudy. Sunday was pretty hard fishing I believe for all the boats out hardly saw anyone picking up fish.
June 20,2009 galveston bay Fishing (6/20/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Had two half day trips One produced redfish and lots of baby sharks I have never seen so many baby sharks all different kinds,scallops,hammerhead,blacktip all small.You can really tell now though that the morning bite is the best right now
Galveston Jetty Fishing Slot and Bull Reds (6/18/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Everyone ran jetty and bay trips the catch ranged from Basically the same thing. Catch's were slot reds full limits,8 Bullreds no one limited but, each boat brought in some nice fish,speckled trout and spanish mackeral are everywhere brought in full limits of spanish mackeral from each boat.
Kingfish and Snapper Trip Nearshore Galveston (6/17/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Ran a quick snapper / king fish trip this morning with Dan brought in almost a full limit for 30 miles out nothing big just little over legal size for federal waters. But, had a lot of fun 6 hrs.
Kinfish and Nice 40 Pound Ling (6/14/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Sunday laid down more and the fish were home.Caught snapper,shark,kingfish and a nice 40 lb. ling
Bull Redfish Galveston Jetty Fishing (6/12/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Captain Bill had 2 very nice people at the jetties a guy and girl now these were some good fisherman could feel the bite on most anything you put them on right left the dock around 2:00pm and out they went not more than 40 minutes after stopping BAM 2 bullreds.
Limits Of Red Snapper Galveston TX (6/09/2009)
[Galveston,TX] bringing in limits of red snapper,kings a plenty,at times full limits on ling with scattered mahi (chickens). Then the Front hit us.
Redfish and Numerous Croakers In Galveston Jetties (6/07/2009)
[Galveston,TX] While captain bill had a very nice group of people at the jetties bring in a 27" redfish numerous croaker,sand trout,speckled trout.
The fishing is red hot - deep sea Galveston (6/06/2009)
[Galveston,TX] The fishing is red hot the wahoo are comming in with Captain Bill and captain Dan,ling,mahi on all trips,shark on occassion when the people want one,Big amberjack on long range trips and 50 mile trips,Bluewater is comming in close now ,grouper from 50 mile trips on occassion,Trout and croaker are now at the jetties along with the redfish,spanish mackeral are holding on also.
Galveston deep sea fishing report (6/05/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Captain Jesse brought in a 60lb.ling,Captain Bill brought in a 6 1/2' Blacktip shark and Captain Dan brought in a Big warsaw grouper.
Galveston Report June 4th,2009 (6/05/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Nice limits of everything. Good seas,Tripple Tail are started to show up,along with some decent size snapper 8-10lbs
Galveston 3 Boat report (6/03/2009)
[Galveston,TX] Seas are holding out so far while bumping seas 2' comming in around every 30 sec. nice when stopped but the Deep Blue water is in close right now
Galveston Bluewater Fishing (6/03/2009)
[Galveston,TX] OPENING RED SNAPPER all my boats are out today will have reports late today should be a good one 1-2' seas all week and hopefully through the weekend no fronts.
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