What a trip for our clients when u can feel the bite you can catch the fish. Between 6 men they filled a 50qt cooler. First I have to say never been a big fam of night fishing but, I have seen the light and love it. The Donzi can be rigged for night fishing with notice no last minute trips can be booked for this. I need 2 weeks notice. These trips are specially great once thhe bay warms enough to keep the fish deep. Book a Night Trip at the Jetties.

The Donzi for your pleasure will be rigged with 2 1500 watt lights from the outriggers off each side of the boat lighting the way for anything around along with 2 quite generators Bill said it was like ringing the dinner bell and they came running seeing these large schools at night is great!

U can see more pictures on the Galveston Jetty Fishing page on our website at Workingmancharters.com

Look for Capt.Bill-Donzi that is the exact boat u will be fishing on.

Enjoy the pictures.


Lynn Curry



Night prices and other options are also available on the website under prices

Fish Species: Speckled Trout and Slot reds
Bait Used: Caught bait
Tackle Used: Light tackle
Method Used: Night Fishing
Water Depth: 10'
Water Temperature: 85
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Client with a fish caught while night fishing with Capt.Bill
Client with a fish caught while night fishing with Capt.Bill

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