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This big bass hit a soft plastic on the outside edge of grass line in 12 feet of water in south Toledo\'s Housen Bay.
This big bass hit a soft plastic on the outside edge of grass line in 12 feet of water in south Toledo\'s Housen Bay.

GRASSSTUDIES 101: Patterns continue to be multiple and variedon Toledo Bend but anglers have been successfully fishingalong the edge of grass lines which are away from the bank. I am going to try to explain in more detail about what we mean when we talk about the grass line since Iget numerous questions about this subject.

We are not talking about grass you see growing along the shoreline but submerge grass (below surface) such as hydrilla, coontail and milfoil grasses. Knowingthe exact location of the edge of off-shore grass lines isvital to fish this pattern successfully.These grasses can be located with yourelectronics as well as with a depth-seeking lure such as a crankbait, worm rigor a combination of all. Also, a good set of polarized shades will often-timehelp if grass is not far below surface allowing the angler to actually see the grass-line. Many timesbass will relate to the edge of this grass line and will hold there for cover as well as for bait-fish.

On many parts ofToledo this edge/wall of grass is between6 to 12 feet. Generally speaking, themore north you go on the lake, the shallower the grass line whereas the deeper grass lines are generally on the south end.For example, currently there are some areas in Six Mile and Housen where the wall of grass is around 12 to 14 feet where as in the 1215/Patroon area the wall/edge of grass is4 to 8 feet. The main factor here is water clarity with grass growing deeper in clearer water. Next year conditionscould be different as every year the submerged grass situationusually changes.

The unique thing about the edge of submerged grass on Toledo is that there are fish there 12 months out of the year. They normally will reactdifferently to lures, depending on the season,and will position themselves over/in/around the grass in various manners, depending on the weather, but they will stay near the grass.This is where experience comes in when fishing this type structures as the angler must learnbass behavior.At times bass will hold/suspend off the grass a ways, while other times they will bury in the vegetation.The challenge is to figure where the bass are holding and choose the proper lure/presentation to get them tobite.


The main thing is to learn to locate the grass line and begin to target a lot of your efforts there. If you are just going down a bank casting to the shoreline, most of the bass areeither under your boat or behind you. Sure, there are times when bass are on the bank butmore often they are not.Of course, all of the bass in the lake will not be on this grass pattern but there will always as inALWAYS be bass on Toledo's submerged grass.

To give a brief current report, anglers are using spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits(Frenzy Rattl'rs/Rat-L-Traps) , mid-diving crankbaits (Deep Little Ns), Stanley Wedge spinnerbaits, Texas Rigged Berkley Power Lizards as well as jig n pigs along the edge of grass all over the lake. The water is cold so work these slowly. A deep pattern is also producing in 15-25 feet with deep diving DD22s, Carolina rigs, and football jigs (Berkley Gripper and Stanley Bug-eyed). Even deeper patterns in 25 to 40 feet is a drop-shot and jigging spoon.


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