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Bio: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor writer and writes for several Louisiana newspapers and numerous magazines including Texas Game and Fish, Louisiana Game and Fish, CenLa Sportsman, Louisiana Sportsman and LakeCaster. Joe has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and is a frequent tournament angler. Joe has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment, featuring 21i Class Skeeter with 300 hp Yamaha HPDI * Tackle supplied upon request * References available upon request * Available Year-Round. E-Mail Joe at

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Toledo Bend Heats Up! (3/15/2013)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A detailed report by a veteran guide on current pre-spawn patterns on one of the country's top bass fisheries.
Toledo Warms Up! (2/07/2013)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A very detailed report from a veteran Toledo guide about the current pre spawn patterns of The Bend.
Spoon Feedin' at Christmas (12/07/2012)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] This is a very detailed report of how we are currently catching bass in deep water on Toledo bend....mainly a how-to on jigging spoons.
Rayburn Giving 'em up (10/15/2012)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] With water temps in mid 70s and a good lake level, Sam Rayburn has been much easier to fish and much more productive the past 2-3 weeks and will just get better.
Fall Returns to The Bend (9/01/2012)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Bait fish are heading into the creeks and drains and slightly lowere water temps has increased fishing activity.
Postspawn Bass Hitting Often (5/04/2011)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The bass spawn is 90% done on south Toledo and the post spawn patterns are in place. This report gives multiple patterns where we are catching post spawn bass.
Spring Arrives on Toledo (3/08/2011)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] We have had an awesome week on Toledo with fish staging on points and ridges and they are hungry. Spinnerbaits over grass has produced hard strikes when fish are active and slow down with a Wacky rigged Sinking minnow and Senko when the fish get tenitive.
[Toldeo Bend,TX] An experienced Toledo guide gives a full report on whats happening on the lake and how to catch fish with extremely low water conditions.
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Tips on fishing Rayburn's shallow water bass....there's always fish in shallow water on Big Sam.
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Repairs need to be done on Toledo's dam....this report deals with how to fish with lower levels.
Mid Summer on The Bend (7/27/2010)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A pro guides approach to catching bass on a large, clear, deep classic impoundment in west LA and East TX.
Rayburn Bass Thawing out (3/09/2010)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] The bass fishing has been tough with water temps in mid 40s all winter but things are improving and bass are becoming active. Enclosed are some patterns that are putting some bass in the boat
Toldedo Bass Waking Up (3/09/2010)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] It has been a long cold winter on The Bend but we now have water temp in the 50s and bass are moving shallow. This reports deals with catching these pre-spawn bass.
Rayburn's very cold bass (1/20/2010)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] We have had one of the coldest winters in years and the low water temp has slowed the bass bite way down. A few are biting and things are improving with warm weather.
New Year, New Fishing Opportunities (1/20/2010)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Have you caught your first bass of the new year? This report gives several patterns that are producing cold water bass.
Christmas bass and Rayburn (1/01/2010)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Sam Rayburn is famous for producing big bass in cold weather. This report shares some of the basic patterns for cold water rayburn bass.
New Year's Week on Toledo Bend (1/01/2010)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] This reports gives several presentstions/patterns that are currently working on The Bend The lake is in great shape and promises for Spring 2010 looks very encouraging.
How to get more Cold Water Bites (12/15/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Water temps are in low 50s and anglers must make adjustments to presentations and patterns. This report gives several very specific presentations which are currently catching bass on Rayburn.
Slow Down and Catch More Fish (12/15/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] As surface temp fall into mid 50s Big Lake's fish populations are moving to winter holding areas. Anglers who can make adjustments are rewarded with some excellent fish.
Toledo's Winter Patterns (12/15/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A report on winter patterns on Toledo as water temps fall and bass move to more predictable patterns and structures.
Rayburn's Bass are Happy with New Water (11/25/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Fishing has picked up on Big Sam as we are catching 20 to 30 bass per day fishing shallow to mid depth patterns.
Christmas Comes Early on South Toledo (11/25/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] We caught a really nice bass Monday/Nov 22...10.1 pounds and we talk about how/where plus also talk about other producing patterns.
Fresh Water and Big Lake (11/12/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Lots of rain and run-off has had a great impact on Lake Calcasieu (Big Lake). However, anglers are still catching fish providing they can find decent water. here are some suggestions of where to look for decent water.
Rayburn Fishing Bigger These days (11/12/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn has been low for weeks, but no longer. Heavy rains has moved levels up 4-5 feet and changed patterns to some degree. This new water has moved some of the fishing population.
November Patterns on Toledo (11/12/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The lake has experienced several feet of new water due to rains and run-off. The rise has changed patterns and this reportdeals with those changes.
Fresh water slows the Upper fishery but southern areas very productive (10/22/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Recent rains have added a lot of fresh water in the fishery but there is still plenty of good water holding lots of fish. Bird activity has increase and there is an abunduntance of bait shrimp now in the lake.
Rayburn's patterns changing (10/22/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] C.Rigs, Tx rigs off the grass in 4 to 12 feet, spinnerbaits on edge of grass and ribbits over the grass targeting points.
Bass Fired Up as Water Cools (10/22/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Report contains info on the thermocline and gives several methods of catch Toledo's eager fall bass.
Shrimp Migration Has Begun, trout n reds abound (10/07/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] many of us always look forward to the shrimp moving our of the marshes and into the main lake...that has started to happen. The cold front coming this week will speed that process up. Fishing gets easy then as you just follow the birds.
Round One Rayburn's Fall Bass Harvest (10/07/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Cooler water temps have activated the bass population and bait fish have migrated up small ditches and creeks.
Fishing Toledo's Hydrilla (10/07/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] 2009 is the besy year in 12 to 15 yrs on Toledo as far as the amount of submerged grasses. Hydrilla has made a huge comeback and is now covering more areas than in recent memory and the bass are in the grass.
Autumn, Toledo's Season of Bass (9/23/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Fishing on The Bend in late September through November is such a rush. Topwater, spinnerbaits over grass, weightless worms and plenty of action.
Rayburn's low water Level alter Patterns (9/17/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn is now under 160 feet msl(medium sea level)which changes how anglers must move around on the lake as well as moves the bass around on the structure.
Fall slowly arriving on The Bend (9/17/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Recent rainy days have helped to bring down water temps and more bass are moving into shallow grass and are active. Top water and spinnerbaits were effective this week.
Labor Day Weekend on Big Lake was Awesome! (9/11/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] From numerous sources, fishing on Big Lake was just about as good as it can get with several patterns catching fish and almost every area of the fishery producing lots of fish.
Autumn In The Wings On Toledo Bend (9/11/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Falling temps have improved fishing On The Bend with several species of fish really turning on including l.m. bass, crappie, spotted bass.
BASS Central Open Pros move in (8/27/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn is the site of the next BASS Central Open scheduled for September 3,4,5. This report contains several patterns that will play a big part in this major bass event.
Toledo's Bass Sense Fall is in The Air (8/27/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Water temps are falling slowly, the lake is in great shape, shad are migrating to back of creeks and fishing action is picking up.
Jetties, Beach Areas Loaded With Fish (8/22/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Anglers are loading up currently on the south end of Lake Calcasieu(Big Lake) with moderate north winds making the surf, Jetties and short rigs ideal.
BASS Central Open hits Sam Rayburn (8/22/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] The almost always active Big Sam will get even busier as B.A.S.S. Central Opens return to Sam Rayburn the first week of September. In my personal opinion, it will take an average of 16 to 18 pounds per day to win.
Most of Summer In Review Mirror (8/22/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] I love to fish (obviously)but will not be sad to see daytime temperatures falling as we get into fall. This reports describes several patterns currently catching bass on hot weather conditions.
No Sweat When Your Pole is Bent (8/05/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] August is super on Big Lake and fishing has really picked up since winds have backed down some. Big trout on top water is common right now.
South Rayburn 12 months a year (8/05/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn is an amazing lake with lots of fishing pressure but thanks to 80% catch and release, it remains an awesome place to fish.....coupled with the excellent submerged grass.
Roll Out Early and Pray for Clouds (8/05/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] It is hot down in southeast Texas so you have to make a lot of adjustments depending on the time of day as well as weather. We actually have had about a week of very mild weather with clouds which improved fishing activity.
Big Lake Rewarding Area Anglers (7/23/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] The specs are with the birds, reds are in channel and there are fish from one end of the alke to the other
Tournament week on Rayburn (7/23/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Featured here are several patterns tournament anglers have used to put together heavy summertime stringers
Toledo's main Lake and Creeks Light Up (7/23/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] There is so much bait fish on the main part of the laske as welllas in the main creeks. It has been fun this wek working schools and TX rigging plastics.
Mid July On Big Sam (7/16/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Featurers several fish catching patterns to target summer bass on Rayburn. Working main lake humps and points is strongly suggest for quality bass.
Hot Days....Hot Fishing! (7/16/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] The winds have been the key the past week with a strong s.w. wind almost every day which has churned the lake up in some areas. Basically, you just have to find areas where wind doe not muddy and fish are there.
Throwing The Tackle Box (7/16/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] In mid-July on The Bend there are numerous patterns to choos from and bass are from 2 to 35 feet, depending on time of day and weather conditions. You have to use a wide variety of presentions and we talk about how we do it.
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