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Bio: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor writer and writes for several Louisiana newspapers and numerous magazines including Texas Game and Fish, Louisiana Game and Fish, CenLa Sportsman, Louisiana Sportsman and LakeCaster. Joe has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and is a frequent tournament angler. Joe has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment, featuring 21i Class Skeeter with 300 hp Yamaha HPDI * Tackle supplied upon request * References available upon request * Available Year-Round. E-Mail Joe at

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Late January On The Bend/Staging Bass (1/30/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] a brief description of several patterns required to catch fish in the midst of rapid changing weather systems. One eye on the weather and the other on the sonar.
Big Sam/Big Bass (1/24/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] January can be outstanding on Rayburn....with the lake down 5 are exposed and easy to find. Please practice CATCH AND RELEASE
Lots of fish in January (1/24/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Basic how-tos to have a successful day on an easily accessible saltwater bay which has a huge fish population.
Winter Bassin' in Dixie (1/24/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] An update of bass patterns on massive, Toledo Bend....180,000 acres .....70 miles long.
Rolling on The River (1/17/2008)
[Calcasieu River,LA] An update to winter fishing on two excellent rivers in southwest Louisiana. Both of these rivers have made a great comebacks following Hurricane Rita which greatly damaged these fisheries Sept 2005.
[Big Lake,LA] Gives the basics for catching trrout and reds on one of the best inland bays in the country. Lady expert tells how it is done
Calm before the storm (1/16/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] This report covers the week before a major tournament....SKEETER BASS CHAMPS.
Toledo gives hint of whats to come in 2008 (1/16/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A report on the various patterns that bass are on in January in this southern impoundment. You can catch fish at 3 feet as well as 35 feet.
Big Lake keeps em coming (1/04/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Trout and redfish fishing has been awesome. Local sources give great hints.
Rayburn gives hint of things to come in 2008 (1/03/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Trip followed a severe cold front and yet Rayburn's bass were still hungry
Toledo Bend Winterized (1/02/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Patterns for Toledo in the midst of changing weather patterns.
Twas the Day after Christmas (12/26/2007)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Report on what fish have been doing on the southern 1/3 of one of the best lakes in the country.
Last post before Christmas (12/19/2007)
[Toledo Bend,LA] Highlights of December basic bass patterns by a Toledo guide.
Christmas Holidays on The Bend (12/16/2007)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A Toledo guide with 30 years experience on south Toledo shares how he catches bass in December
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A full, current fishing report on south Toledo with main emphasis on largemouth bass.
Fishin' Toledo Bend (10/15/2007)
FISHIN' TOLEDO (9/27/2007)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Basic patterns for early fall success on my favorite fishing hole, Toledo Bend
FISHIN' TOLEDO (9/03/2007)
[Toledo Bend,LA] Summer patterns, lake conditions and basic info for anglers planning a trip to The Bend
August on The Bend (8/20/2007)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] current clouds have helped fishing the past few days.
FISHIN' TOLEDO (8/09/2007)
[Toledo Bend,LA] Check out the fishing on The Bend since summer is in full force
Toledo Bend Fishing (8/09/2007)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] check out what the bass are doing now that summer is here in force.
FISHIN' TOLEDO (7/23/2007)
[Toledo Bend,LA] Full time guide. Joe Joslin, reports on current fishing conditions on one of the nations top bass fishing holes.
FISHIN' TOLEDO (5/24/2007)
[Toledo Bend,LA] Summer patterns are becoming the norm and we are catching morre and more bass on main points and ridges. However, we do start shallow on grass points with top water baits and weightless soft plastics. See full report below.
Fishin' Toledo (5/13/2007)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] It has been a great spring on Toledo...water level remains good.
Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report (9/27/2006)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Like many other anglers and boaters on the south end of The Bend, I am excited and pleased at the work currently being performed on launch site # 7 located on the west side (Texas side) of Toledo just off of highway # 255. This is a major project as the ramp is being extended thirty feet from existing ramp/concrete. In addition to the extension, the cove is also being dredged, enlarged and deepened.
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