Fishing Articles by Captain Joe Joslin

Spoon Feeding Bass in Time for Christmas (12/07/2012)
[Bass Fishing] One technique I just love is deep verticle jigging a spoon which is how we fish a lot this time of the year on clear, deep, southern Toledo Bend. This article is one of my most requested \"how-to\" articles which contains the basis of how/when to fish a spoon. We hope it is helpful.
Drop Shot Basics - Fishing Techniques - Updated (9/25/2009)
[Bass Fishing] The most often question I receive concerning fishing techniques as a guide and outdoor writer concerns drop-shot. This article contains the basics of how I approach drop shot patterns as a guide on Toledo and sam rayburn.
Drop Shot basics (9/24/2009)
[Bass Fishing] Drop Shot techniques have been around for several years but it still is my number one question from readers and guide clients. Here are some of my basic methods as I use them on Toledo Bend and sam Rayburn which have an abundance of clear, deep water...a must for serious dropshot patterns.
Lipless Crankbaits, fishing baits for dummies? (3/01/2009)
[Crankbaits] Almost all bait companies have their own version of lipless crankbaits. Anyone can catch fish on this family of baits by just cast and reel but there are countless techniques creative fishermen use to get Mr Bass to get on board.
Fishing Submerged Grass On Southern Impoundments in USA (2/09/2009)
[Bass Fishing] This article is basically a how-to on fishing submerged grass on Toledo Bend which is one of the leading fresh water fisheries in the world. These basics techniques will work on any fishery with deep submerged grass.