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Bio: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor writer and writes for several Louisiana newspapers and numerous magazines including Texas Game and Fish, Louisiana Game and Fish, CenLa Sportsman, Louisiana Sportsman and LakeCaster. Joe has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and is a frequent tournament angler. Joe has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment, featuring 21i Class Skeeter with 300 hp Yamaha HPDI * Tackle supplied upon request * References available upon request * Available Year-Round. E-Mail Joe at

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Big Lake Never Stops (1/15/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Even in mid-Jan... Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) just keeps on giving up fish.
Chicken Coop Update (1/15/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The Chicken Coop is known nation wide as one of the hottest winter crappie spots anywhere. However, this year the crappie have been hard to come-by. This is an update.
Cold Water Presentations on The Bend (1/15/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Presentations are important in every situation but non more vital that winter season bassin. We look at how we try to pattern mid January bass on a world-class southern impoundment.
No winter storage for my Skeeter (1/09/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Winters in south TX are perfect for fishing. While we do have cold fronts, they soon turn back into warm temps with south winds.
Rayburn Braces for Tournament Season (1/03/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Boat traffic is already heavy as the calender moves to 2009. Few lakes, if any, have more tournaments than does Sam Rayburn. Rayburn is also fishing small with the lake down 7 feet but heavy stringers are still possible.
Reds a Million (1/03/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] There really is no way to describe the redfish action that occured in 2008 on Big Lake officially known as Lake Calcasieu.....and it continues!!
Toledo! Lookin' good for 2009 (1/03/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Lake levels have been stable, the submerged vegetation is the best in years, gas prices are down, things are looking up! This report also gives current patterns and hot baits to catch cold bass. Also, there is a crappie report.
Looking back at 2008 on The Bend (1/03/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] 2008 was a great year on Toledo and this report talks about what factors made it good fishing.
Lipless Crankbaits....Idiot Baits? (12/23/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Lipless crankbaits are some of the most effective tools in fishing and there are countless methods of fishing them. This article looks at several of those
Calcasieu river gives up huge 5 bass stringer (12/23/2008)
[Calcasieu River,LA] Tournament fishing on Calcasieu River is going well as anglers are so thankful the river was spared from the hurricane season. Fishing has been super this fall and continues to be impressive.
Big Lake, As generous as Santa (12/23/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Big Lake has numerous excellent guides but non more professional and talented that Captain Kirk Stansel of Hackberry Rod and Gun. In this report Stansel shares some of his techniques of catching reds and specs.
How to fish between weather systems in late Dec (12/23/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The challenge now is to adapt with the very rapid changes that is to be expected in Dec in the south-central part of the country.
Weather changing often in southwest LA and s.e. TX (12/23/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Winter crappie season still in doubt. The Chicken Coop.....famous Toledo winter crappie hole is still in doubt. Marinas and crappie guides are praying the crappie will show.
Big Trout time on Big Lake (12/22/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Outstanding fihing is still happening here with bigger fish moving to hard bottom/sandy areas where patient anglers are using slow, suspended techniques to catch some big fish. Red fish are still plentiful many places on the fishery.
Chicken Coop Hopefuls Sittin' on Ready (12/22/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The Chicken Coop is a famous wintering hole for thousands of crappie. Last year was a puzzle..basically, the crappie did not show. Local guides and marinas are again concerned.
Weather changes keeps vetern guide on multiple patterns (12/22/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Several days during the past few weeks we have had to fish varied depths to stay on fish. It has not been uncommon to catch fish in 4' as well as 40' on same day.
Coop is ready to explode (12/15/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The Chicken Coop,located about 4 miles north of Pendleton Bridge on Toledo (TX side)is known nation-wide to be one of the best crappie holes anywhere during the months of Dec/Jan.
Put Santa On Some Fish (12/15/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Mid December report on one of the top lakes in the country..Toledo Bend. If weather is good, December can almost be like spring patterns.
Big Lake still faithful (12/08/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) continues to reward December anglers with super catches. Wind is the only culprit.
The Coop May Be gettin Hot! (12/08/2008)
[Toledo Bend,LA] The world famous Chicken Coop is showing signs that it may be getting ready to explode with deep water winter madness.
Fun Fishing in Month # 12 (12/08/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Yes, It has been cold and windy and some days the fishing is tough...however we have also had days when load up. You can't catch'em in the office or at the house.
Rayburn's Tournament Season resumes (12/01/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Major tournaments resume this week following a break for Thanksgiving Holidays. Recent rains were needed. 20 pound stringer will be needed to win this weekend.
Rayburn receives benefical rain, still several feet low. (12/01/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Low water levels have bottomed out with recent rains. Fish are moving around due to higher water. Shallow patterns are what =most anglers are using....spinnerbaits,/shallow crankbaits/jigs. However, there are bass on deep patterns too.
Giving Thanks/What a super lake (12/01/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A full update on what is happening on one of the largest and most productive bass lakes in the country...Toledo Bend. Late fall and early winter patterns are the main feature. Also featured is a late night rescue of a fisherman in distress. Local bass anglers came to rescue after other searches were called off.
Big Lake still highly productive. (11/22/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Basically, if the winds are less than 15 mph, you can catch a boat load of fish....this lake is loaded with fish. Also, at this time of the year..many area outdoorsmen will duck hunt the lake that morning and fish in the afternoon. Tough life!
Rayburn fun by dangerous behing winter front (11/22/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn is still kind to anglers most of the time. However, she can be a bad place to be when winds turn to the north. Numerous baits are catching bass but most action is in water less that 10 feet.
Big Crappie on grass (11/22/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Big crappie are yet another reason to fish Toledo Bend in the lake fall. The past week has been super for loading up cooler with big slabs
Early Winter Fronts impact time on water (11/22/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A guide and tournament angler fishes no matter the weather....Mother Nature Rocks! Wow, Sometimes/oftentimes you have to scramble to salvage a trip or tournament.
Winter Patterns - Jigging Spoons In Deep Water (11/02/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Jigging Spoons are an awesome tool in cold weather when normal patterns fail. Deep clear water is a must. This artical is one of my most widely requested articles because there are not much info out there on the basic, detailed methods of fishing a spoon. It can be an unbelievable fishing pattern when conditions are right.
Calcasieu spared by Ike (10/31/2008)
[Calcasieu River,LA] The Calcasieu River is alive and well and local anglers are relieved that Hurricane Ike did not produce large fish kills like Hurricane Rita in 2005.
No Trick or Treat on Big Lake (10/31/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] It may sound like old hat but Big Lake just continues to offer outstanding fishing for several species of fish. The redfish and spec trout is as good as anywhere in the country.
Fishing Rayburn with less water (10/31/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] A current report on fall fishing on Big Sam with a lot of structure exposed due to very low lake levels
Toledo Bend/Jewel of East Texas (10/31/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Late October offers some of the most enjoyable and successful fishing of the year. This report covers conditions and patterns of The Bend at its best.
Big Lake even more impressive after Hurricane Ike (10/16/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] October fishing on Big Lake is always some of the best op the year with day after day of stable weather. This year is no different and post-Ike reports sound like made up fishing stories.
Toledo Bend Bass Explode! (10/16/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] I have been fishing this lake for 30 years and the past two weeks have been as good as anytime in my past history fishing the lake. Unreal!
BIG LAKE SMOKIN' HOT (10/13/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] The fishing on this famous inland fishery is 'off the charts' following Hurricane Ike. Specks, reds and flounder can't wait for you to pitch them a lure their way.
[Calcasieu River,LA] Local anglers are relieved...The Calcasieu River was not greatly impacted by Hurrican Ike and daily catches of 30 -40 bass are common.
Nothing Beats Oct and The Bend (10/13/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A full report by an experience Toledo guide giving several successful patterns to catch bass currently on one of the best fresh water fisheries in the country.
Calcasieu River and summertime patterns (8/30/2008)
[Calcasieu River,LA] The Calcasieu has made a comback this year following a hard hit in 2005 by Hurricane Rita. A restocking effort by LA Game and Fish has helped to restore the fishery to again be a decent fishing hole.
Before The Storm (8/30/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] I am writing this as Gustav is heading our way. Hopefully next week we will still have our boats/tackle/lodges
Yellow Bass/white bass/largemouth schooling together (8/30/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] a fun way to fish now is to find schools of fish chasing shad and work them both on top as well as with spoons and tailspinners underneath schools.
Fishing with one eye on Gustav (8/30/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] We are in prime hurricane season and Gustav has our attention. I am still cleaning up trees from Hurricane Rita 3 years ago so we are fishing with part of our efforts involved in preparing for storm.
Fis move north with high tides and storm. (8/10/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] The tropical storm really churned the southern area of the fishery but those anglers who moved north in the fishery caught nice fish.
Fun on the river (8/10/2008)
[Calcasieu River,LA] Calcasieu River is a very popular area for both fishing and boat in the Lake Charles area. Fishing has been decent even with changing water conditions.
Rayburn gives up big bass in summer heat. (8/10/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn's levels fall and more grass is on top. Bass can be found both in shallow grass as well as deep ledges.
Toledo's water level falls/fish respond (8/10/2008)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Late Summer patterns are in place as lake continues to fall and bass relate to points and deep cover,
Big Bass and Trucks (8/03/2008)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] A look at summer patterns on Big Sam as well as how tournament anglers won pick-up trucks in Bass Champs Mega Bass Event.
Ship Channel Hot...move over barge! (8/03/2008)
[Big Lake,LA] Summer patterns are here with early bite on reefs and later bite is on channel and Jetties. Our main source for the report is Captain Eric Rue of Calcasieu Charters on Big Lake.
River gets right (8/03/2008)
[Calcasieu River,LA] When heavy rains stop and the river clears, there is lots of action on The Calcasieu in the summertime
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