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Bio: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor writer and writes for several Louisiana newspapers and numerous magazines including Texas Game and Fish, Louisiana Game and Fish, CenLa Sportsman, Louisiana Sportsman and LakeCaster. Joe has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and is a frequent tournament angler. Joe has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment, featuring 21i Class Skeeter with 300 hp Yamaha HPDI * Tackle supplied upon request * References available upon request * Available Year-Round. E-Mail Joe at

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Plenty of Fish Left Following Rodeo (7/11/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Winds have slowed and lake has cleared and fish are on summer patterns. Live bait is tops but Gulp!
Consisten Summer Patterns on Sam Rayburn (7/11/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Some southern lakes die(slow down) in the summer months but not Big Sam. It is hot right now but fishing is still good. Get a big hat, sun screen, Gator Aid and bottle water and fish both edge of grass as well as on deep drops and humps
15.03 lb bass still the talk of the lake (7/11/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Summer fishing is not often for the faint hearted as we have had several days near 100 degrees. The best hint is to get on the lake at first light and stay late and stay off the lake from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. We do a lot of split schedules mid June through Aug.
[Toldeo Bend,TX] A local angler was fishing a benefit tournament and caught a 15.03 pound largemouth last Saturday. The lake record is 15.32.
Top Water Bite is ON! (7/02/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Good numbers of quality bass have moved into Rayburn's submerged grass and frogs and buzz baits are getting some og them to show themselves.
Big Lake Ready for Jult 4th Rodeo (7/02/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] ONe of the most popular events of the year with south west La anglers is the July 4th Fishing Rodeo. This is year # 72. There will be a lot of fish caught both inshore and off shore.
Rayburn's Many Bass Patterns (6/11/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Currently there are lots of pressure on the lake but several patterns are consistently catching bass. This report looks at several of these patterns
Summer Almost Here/Bass Head Deep (6/11/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] We are still in the last part of post spawn as summer patterns are moving into place. Schooling bass are increasing, topwater bite is good and deep ledges and drops are becoming more dependable.
Finally Perfect Conditions On Big Lake (6/07/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] The weather broke the past two weeks and the fishing has been outstanding with water conditions greatly improving and fishermen able to get to their favorite spots.
Pattern of your choice currently on The Bend (6/07/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] We have multiple patterns catching bass currently on Toleod Bend....from 2 feet to 30 feet, from ledges to points....from Top Water to plastics.
Get The Point! (5/28/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Toledo's bass have finished spawning and are holding on main points in major bays as well as on main lake. This report outlines how we have been catching these post spawn bass.
Spring making exit, Summer in route (5/24/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Transition is the word with bass moving from spring to summer patterns and multiple patterns are boating bass.
Memorial Day on Big Lake (5/24/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Fishing the past week has greatly improved with salinty better and water clearing.
Summer in The Bend is Nigh (5/14/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Patterns are becoming more specific as we leave the spring season. A few schooling bass are on points, bass are moving deeper. This report gives info on hhow we have been catching 20 to 40 bass per day.
Lots of water on Calcasieu River (5/09/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] Calcasieu River regulars have had to scramble this week to catch bass on theis very swollen river. Local tournaments did produce some bass but conditions were tough.
Winds Have Been a Killer (5/09/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Mother Nature has prompted many-a phone calls to cancel fishing trips gthe past several weeks. We are all looking for some calm days. When we can fish....we catch them on Big lake
Fishing in a Parade (5/09/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] The fishing pressure in early May on Rayburn is maxed so I select 2-3 areas and fish them completely instead of running all over. Pay close attention to small changes in structure.
Toledo Bend kind heading To Mother's Day (5/09/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Bass this week have been very active with over 100 bites a day landing 15 to 30 bass per day. Crappie are active, too.
Mega Winds but still catching fish (4/30/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] High winds and lots of rain and fresh water have made fishing a challenge the past two weeks but conditions improved and fish started coming onboard.
Fishing Improves With High Water (4/29/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Toledo's lake level currently reads 172'msl...a full pond. Bass are on three patterns including shallom, mid-depths and deep. The challenge is to figure out which pattern has the most active bass.
Calcasieu River, High and Muddy (4/29/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] This is a report on mostly tournament anglers trying to adapt to very tough river conditions
Rayburn's Rising Water Reposition Bass (4/29/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] With water levels up 2 feet in a last 2 weeks Rayburns bass have lots of options. Some after the spawn headed for deep ledges while others headed for Rayburn's famous buck brush.
Big Lake Subject to Almost Constant Winds (4/24/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) is loaded with fish but winds keep most anglers scrambling to find an area to fish. Those who do are being successful. Calcasieu Charters, Capt. Eric Rue, makes adjustments and goes fishing.
Calcasieu River running high and fast (4/24/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] heavy rains have the Calcasieu River high and muddy but conditions are improving.
Big Splash over on Sam Rayburn (4/24/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] After hosting the biggest bass tournament in history, 7,551 anglers, Big Sam has a more tranquil week. Bass fishing is still good.
Postspawn patterns Main Deal On The Bend (4/24/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Most of spawn is over and bass are mainbly in post spawn positions. Deeper patterns as well as topwater techniques are becoming more defined.
McDonald's Big Splash Rayburn Report (4/15/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] This week is one of the busiest of the year with Sealy's McDonald's Big Splash Bass Tournament. First place this year is a cool $250K...a quarter million. This complete report on Rayburn's bass provides current info for these anglers.
Calcasieu River patterns for high water (4/10/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] We have had some heavy rain and Calcasieu River is high, muddy and moving. See how local tournament anglers catch bass in tough, river conditions.
Rayburn seems to handle heavy tournament pressure (4/10/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Fishing on Rayburn continuies to be good-to excellent and 20 pound 5-fish stringers happen daily.
BLOW, YE WINDS! (4/10/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] This report includes current reports of two of the top guides on Lake Calcasieu(Big Lake)as they tell detailed info of how to catch fish on one of the best inshore lakes in the country.
BY HOOK OR CROOK (4/10/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] The into has to do with increased theft of anglers tackle while fishing report gives specific patterns of what is working to catch bass on one of the best fisheries in the USA!
Big Lake fish population liking reefs and topwater (4/02/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] The topwater and bird season is almost here in full force with fish also moving to reefs. Two very experienced local anglers give their input.
Calcasieu River is having a good Spring (4/02/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] This beautiful river system has endured two major hurricanes in the past few years and has made a super come back.
Winds Won't Stop But Neither Will The Bass (4/02/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Winds, very high winds have been the norm this spring on Big Sam. However, the die-hard tournament angler and fishing fanatic in general have found ways to keep fishing and catch fish.
News From The Bend is Good..Very Good! (4/02/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] This report gives very detailed info from several days of fishing in the prime of spring patterns. Recent rains also increased lake levels and moved even more bass into shallow grass. It has been fun!
Calcasieu River Shows no sign of damage from Hurricane Ike (3/14/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] It is great to see this popular river system producing lots of bass again. Hurricane Rita in 2005 really took its toll on it.
Rayburn low water levels but high bass output (3/14/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Rayburn has remained 6-7 feet low all winter but the fishing continues to be excellent and on some days...outstanding. As this report is being posted we are having significant rain. We should get some rise from this.
Toledo Opens Coffers (3/14/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Mid March on Toledo has the best of both worlds....lots of bites and big bass. If you like shallow are in luck.
Toledo's Bass on The Prowl (3/05/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] March is one of the most exciting months on my favorite fishing hole. There is no way of knowing what the next cast will bring. Read the report to find out what I mean. This lake is full of big bass.
Pre Spring fishing on Big Lake (2/09/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Fishing continues to be good-to-excellent on Lake Calcasieu(Big Lake)with anglers catchin plenty of fish to eat. Big specs are starting to show up so anglers want to keep the smaller specs and turn the big sows loose to spawn. Redfish are still plentiful. This report features Captain Erik Rue, Owner of Calcasieu Charters. Rue is also a top-rated Redfish Cup tournament angler.
Sam Rayburn, Always a big bass threat. (2/09/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] February is one of the most productive months for big, female bass. This covers what tournament anglers are using to get a paycheck.
Crappie and catfish anglers are catching their supper (2/09/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Warming trends in water temps have most fresh water species on the move....crappie and catfish are very plentiful in Toledo.
[Toldeo Bend,TX] We are currently finding the bass more active, in shallower water and also on drop offs near shallow water...staging patterns.
Big Lake or Lake Calcasieu? (2/01/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Most national maps say Lake Calcasieu but most locals say Big Lake. Whatever you call it it still spells one thing...FISH. Even in the "off-season", Big Lake continues to be impressive.
Rayburn's bass and lipless crankbaits. (2/01/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Lipless crankbaits continue to land bass. Fish are on drains, creeks, ditches as well as points. The heavy numbers of anglers on Fri-Sundays have anglers fishing close together and fish are easily spooked.
Toledo's Grass/Hydrilla 101 (2/01/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Feb is finally here and anglers in this neck of the woods are thinking big bass. This report targets the basics on how to fish submerged grass lines for Toledo's big pre spawn bass.
Calcasieu levels fall (1/22/2009)
[Calcasieu River,LA] Currently, bass fishing is tough on Calcasieu River but with no more rain, the water should clear up and fishing will improve.
Big Trout Time on Big Lake (1/22/2009)
[Big Lake,LA] Currently, there are numerous anglers wadding the shallows and fishing very slowly for big trout. This report adds light to those methods.
Tournament Season Kicks In (1/22/2009)
[Lake Sam Rayburn,TX] Sam Rayburn is one of the heaviest fished lakes in the country with tournament after tournament from Jan through June. Fortunately, 90% or higher of anglers practice catch and release.
Ladies in Waiting...big females thinking love (1/22/2009)
[Toldeo Bend,TX] Toledo is just a few weeks from prime pre-spawn and big females are already moving into staging areas to prepare for the spawn. It is a fun and challenging time to fish.
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