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The conditions on Big Sam have the water temperatures falling and the lake level rising. Surface temperatures are near 50 or a few degrees higher on bright days and the water level is now up to 163.2 feet which is basically a foot higher than the same time last week. One turbine is running 24/7 at the dam with water release just over 4000 cfs(cubic feet per second).

The rains have muddied some additional areas near the rivers and main creeks. However, there is still a lot of water which has good fishing conditions. We are having to work hard for bites and for the most part a slow presentation is more productive. A few reaction bites are happening on the Rat-L-Trap (Bill Lewis) pattern but you have to almost hit them with the bait.

A few good fish are also being caught on a slow-falling spinnerbait with the one ounce Stanley Big Shot double willowleaf in chartreuse and white skirt my current choice for slow-as-you-go spinnerbait fishing. For the most part, the outside edge of the main grassline is the most productive place to work a big spinnerbait. While I am using braid on my Traps, I am using Berkley's 100 Fluorocarbon on my slow-rolling spinnerbaits and use 15 and 17 pound test for this method.

This line takes a lot of abuse from contact with hydrilla plus it sinks and is also very sensitive to detect those light, cold water strikes (ticks). There is little-to-no stretch either which helps to get a good hook set where these is slack in the line which is common for this presentation. I could fish this pattern all day because I know that it produces quality bass.

The extra foot of water has moved a few bass into the inside grassline and that is different than last week. Also, a Carolina rig worked from the 2 to 4 feet back, especially in the middle of the day, is getting a few bites. Work it slow with pauses. Don't use too heavy of a weight on this pattern as, in my opinion, the big bell type sinker is not helpful here. I opt for a slender bullet-type weight no larger than a 3/8 ounce.

Have you seen the new Stanley 5.5 inch Sidewinder? This is a super new soft plastic and works great on a Carolina or Texas rig. It also is one of my favorite jig trailers (after biting off the front inch or so). On Rayburn in slightly stained water I like the GRN PUNKIN RED color. If you are using it for a jig trailer you can insert a rattler in the tail or if you are using it on a Texas rig you may want to leave the rattle out so the tail will float up. This little worm has a lot of action.

Fish Species: l.m.bass
Bait Used: Stanley Swim Max Jigs, Berkley 10 inch Power Worms,
Tackle Used: Revo reels(Abu Garcia), Fenwick and All Star Rods, Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon lin
Method Used: We targeted the main grassline from 4 to 12 feet and fished it with Traps, Spinnerbaits, TX rigs and jigs.
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 52
Wind Direction: south
Wind Speed:
a shallow, big, cold water Rayburn bass
a shallow, big, cold water Rayburn bass

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