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Browse Recent Lake Sam Rayburn Texas Fishing Reports

Rayburn Giving 'em up by Joe Joslin (10/15/2012)
With water temps in mid 70s and a good lake level, Sam Rayburn has been much easier to fish and much more productive the past 2-3 weeks and will just get better.
RAYBURN'S SHALLOW BASS by Joe Joslin (9/09/2010)
Tips on fishing Rayburn's shallow water bass....there's always fish in shallow water on Big Sam.
Mattern Guide Service by Don Mattern Sr. (4/19/2010)
Bass are in the spawning grounds and are biting topwaters in the morning
Bass Were On Beds by Don Mattern Sr. (4/12/2010)
Bass were on the beds even thou the water was off color
Mattern Guide Service by Don Mattern Sr. (3/29/2010)
The Big Bass are in the Shallows and peaking because of the Full Moon and warming water temps
Mattern Guide Service on Lake Palestine & Sam Rayburn & Lake Fairfield by Don Mattern Sr. (3/20/2010)
Buch bass were up in the shallows making beds
Rayburn Bass Thawing out by Joe Joslin (3/09/2010)
The bass fishing has been tough with water temps in mid 40s all winter but things are improving and bass are becoming active. Enclosed are some patterns that are putting some bass in the boat
Bass Are Moving Shallow To Spawn on Lake Sam Rayburn by Don Mattern Sr. (3/08/2010)
Bass are moving into the shallows to spawn now
Mattern Guide Service on Sam Rayburn,Palestine, and Lake Fairfield by Don Mattern Sr. (2/19/2010)
Water temps were still cold but there is a movement of Bass to the shallows
Rayburn's very cold bass by Joe Joslin (1/20/2010)
We have had one of the coldest winters in years and the low water temp has slowed the bass bite way down. A few are biting and things are improving with warm weather.
Christmas bass and Rayburn by Joe Joslin (1/01/2010)
Sam Rayburn is famous for producing big bass in cold weather. This report shares some of the basic patterns for cold water rayburn bass.
How to get more Cold Water Bites by Joe Joslin (12/15/2009)
Water temps are in low 50s and anglers must make adjustments to presentations and patterns. This report gives several very specific presentations which are currently catching bass on Rayburn.
Rayburn's Bass are Happy with New Water by Joe Joslin (11/25/2009)
Fishing has picked up on Big Sam as we are catching 20 to 30 bass per day fishing shallow to mid depth patterns.
Mattern Guide Service on Lake Palestine & Sam Rayburn & Lake Fairfield by Don Mattern Sr. (11/21/2009)
The really Big Female have not moved in yet but some good Bass to 5 lbs. are being caught.
Rayburn Fishing Bigger These days by Joe Joslin (11/12/2009)
Rayburn has been low for weeks, but no longer. Heavy rains has moved levels up 4-5 feet and changed patterns to some degree. This new water has moved some of the fishing population.
Bass Fishing Lake Sam Rayburn - Lake Is Full by Don Mattern Sr. (11/06/2009)
Good to see the Lakes full and clearing for a great Pre-Spawn this year.
Mattern Guide Service by Don Mattern Sr. (10/28/2009)
The floods affected the bite a lot I had to go to a Nichols Rattle shad to catch.
Rayburn's patterns changing by Joe Joslin (10/22/2009)
C.Rigs, Tx rigs off the grass in 4 to 12 feet, spinnerbaits on edge of grass and ribbits over the grass targeting points.
Round One Rayburn's Fall Bass Harvest by Joe Joslin (10/07/2009)
Cooler water temps have activated the bass population and bait fish have migrated up small ditches and creeks.
Mattern Guide Service on Sam Rayburn & Lake Palestine by Don Mattern Sr. (9/30/2009)
Bass have been biting well with cooler temps.Topwaters have been catching along with Texas rigs
Rayburn's low water Level alter Patterns by Joe Joslin (9/17/2009)
Rayburn is now under 160 feet msl(medium sea level)which changes how anglers must move around on the lake as well as moves the bass around on the structure.
Fishing Sam Rayburn & Palestine & Richland Chambers by Don Mattern Sr. (9/07/2009)
Bass are responding to the shad making their move somewhat to the creeks
BASS Central Open Pros move in by Joe Joslin (8/27/2009)
Rayburn is the site of the next BASS Central Open scheduled for September 3,4,5. This report contains several patterns that will play a big part in this major bass event.
BASS Central Open hits Sam Rayburn by Joe Joslin (8/22/2009)
The almost always active Big Sam will get even busier as B.A.S.S. Central Opens return to Sam Rayburn the first week of September. In my personal opinion, it will take an average of 16 to 18 pounds per day to win.
Mattern Guide Service on Sam Rayburn & Palestine & Richland Chambers by Don Mattern Sr. (8/10/2009)
Bassing has been great even in hot temps. the shad are really got the Bass feeding.
South Rayburn 12 months a year by Joe Joslin (8/05/2009)
Rayburn is an amazing lake with lots of fishing pressure but thanks to 80% catch and release, it remains an awesome place to fish.....coupled with the excellent submerged grass.
Tournament week on Rayburn by Joe Joslin (7/23/2009)
Featured here are several patterns tournament anglers have used to put together heavy summertime stringers
Mid July On Big Sam by Joe Joslin (7/16/2009)
Featurers several fish catching patterns to target summer bass on Rayburn. Working main lake humps and points is strongly suggest for quality bass.
Consisten Summer Patterns on Sam Rayburn by Joe Joslin (7/11/2009)
Some southern lakes die(slow down) in the summer months but not Big Sam. It is hot right now but fishing is still good. Get a big hat, sun screen, Gator Aid and bottle water and fish both edge of grass as well as on deep drops and humps
Top Water Bite is ON! by Joe Joslin (7/02/2009)
Good numbers of quality bass have moved into Rayburn's submerged grass and frogs and buzz baits are getting some og them to show themselves.
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