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Well the water temps were 48 at daylight today and warmed to 54 by the end of the day. In spite of cold water temps their is a movement of Bigger Bass to the shallow areas now. There were 5 bites today but all quality Bass in 2-4 feet. The trap like baits in reds produced 2 nice Bass in the morning and as the Sun got up The Texas rig with Creature baits or Lizards with in the shallows produced some Bass up to about 7 lbs. Had to cover tons of water and be ready when the bite happened. Good colors were Watermelons rigged on a small weight. It is time for the Pre-Spawn to take place now as the Bigger females make their move into shallows.

Lake Palestine:

Water Temps are cold as well in the upper 40's and low 50's . The run offs in the Neches River has muddied the North end up again. The Mid- Lake to Dam is clearer and in good shape though. Bass are still hitting trap like baits and spinnerbaits. Reds on traps and White/Chartruse combos have been producing some real quality Female Bass.


Water temps are warmer from Mid-Lake to the 2 wooded coves water temps have been running 58-64. As the Sun gets up this end of the Lake will warm up 5-8 degrees by mid-day. Bass are staging off Points and along deeper water near reeds. Wacky worms in Green Pumpkin and watermelons have been good.

Carolina rigs with creature baits such as the Nichols creature or Baby brush hog in Watermelons is dynomite on Bass as well as the redfish. Redfish have been slow but some good ones came in this week.

Give me a call at 902-478-2633 or 903-724-0961 to book a Guided trip on any of these Lakes. Or you can go to my e-mail at to book. God Bless


Thanks to my great sponsors who you will be hearing more about their great baits that produce more bites and equipment. Don Mattern Sr.

Ranger Boats-The Boat Center-Flint,Texas-903-825-2293

Kistler Rods- 281-259-8033

Nichols Lures- 903-589-8100

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Date Added: 2010-01-23

Type of Fishing: Casting

Charter Service Name: Mattern Guide Service

Email Guide or Angler:

Website URL:

Captains Name: Don Mattern Sr.

Region You Fish: Lake Fairfield

Biz Phone: 903-478-2633

Fish Species: Bass
Bait Used: texas rigs and traps
Tackle Used: Johnny Morris reels on Kistler rods
Method Used: Texas rigs and traps
Water Depth: 2-4 feet
Water Temperature: 48-54
Wind Direction: South+
Wind Speed: 10

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Don Mattern Sr.

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Bio: Don Mattern Sr. has been fishing Lake Palestine since 1994 and guiding full-time since 2002. He was born in Houston, Texas and moved out to the country at 20 years old. He's been married 35 years and has 2 sons. Don currently guides and tournament fishes full-time.

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