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Hello, anglers. Opening day of squirrel season and a cool front took some pressure off the lake last weekend and those of us who fished during the week had it almost to ourselves. About the only anglers I saw last week were several pros pre-fishing for the PAA (Professional Anglers Association) tournament scheduled for Oct 8,9 and 10 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

Headquarters for the event is Toledo's Fin and Feather Resort located in Housen Bay which is located on the Texas side about 12 to 15 miles above the dam. Fin and Feather has been recently renovated and is once again an impressive facility. It had been closed for several years prior to current mega dollar face life. The resort was a hub of angler activity back in mid 70s and 80s.

LAKE CONDITIONS: Current lake level is at 168.68 which shows a slight, steady rise the past week with moderate rains across the area. The lake level, more than likely, will not get down much lower this fall as it got close to 168 but never went below the magic number. North Toledo has some stained water and mid-lake is mostly clear with some slightly stained areas. All major feeder creeks have stained-to muddy water in the upper portions with some creeks being mostly stained but clearing as you get closer to the main lake. Water temps have cooled to mid 70s with more submerged grass (hydrilla/milfoil/peppergrass) than in past 15 years.

FISHING REPORTS/BASS: We had a couple of excellent days in recent days with the best last Wednesday and Thursday which included one seven pounder which hit a Texas rig on the outside edge of the grassline in about 15 feet as the boat was in 20 feet. We are finding the bass willing to hit a Ribbit at times in front of fronts and these are usually quality bass averaging 2-3 pounds with several in 4 pound class.

One of my staples in the fall and even more so this year is Stanley's 3/8 ounce double-willowleaf spinnerbait (pictured) with the large blade gold and the small blade in nickle. Favorite colored skirt is a combo white/chartreuse. I am fishing it fast over shallow grass as well as slow-rolling it on outside edge of deeper grass. At times when slow-rolling I will also use heavier models such as a 3/4 oz. as well as Stanley's one ounce size called a Big Shot which works great for working 12 to 20 feet depths. This fall, for the most part, I have been making my living with a spinnerbait and a Texas rig which are 'back to the basic' techniques.

On the Texas rig, which we earlier mentioned, we are fishing it a variety of ways with #1 producer being a medium light sinker and Berkley Shaky Worm and Trick Worm on the outside edge of deeper grass. We are also fishing Berkley's 10 inch Power Worms (Texas Rig) on light weights swimming them over shallow grass. The crank bait bite is improving with Norman's DD22s and Deep Little Ns producing quality fish. I am fishing these on 10 and 12 pound test Big Game as well as Berkley and Stren's 100% fluorocarbon.

I did not mention earlier but we are using 15 and 17 pound test Fluorocarbon on our Texas rigs. In my opinion, for clear water worming, crankbaits and slow-rolling spinnerbaits there is no better line choice than fluorocarbon. I continue to be amazed at the low stretch, sensitivity, durability and transparency of Berkley and Stren Fluorocarbon. I will fish a spool of Fluorocarbon for several days in a row of hard fishing and it doesn't flinch. In addition, I do not have to re-tie half as much as monofiliment lines.

I truly think it is one of the most important inventions in fishing during the past 20 years. There are applications where it is not a good choice such as top water patterns because fluorocarbon does sink. But on techniques such as those mentioned as well as wacky worms, where you want the bait to sink with minimal weight, this is your line!

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo and Sam Rayburn. Contact him at 337-463-3848 or and WEBSITE

Fish Species: l.m. bass
Bait Used: Stanley Wedgeplus spinnerbaits, Berkley Shaky Worm, Trick Worm, Ribbit Frog
Tackle Used: Revo Reels, Fenwick and AllStar Rods, Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon line(17 and 17 l
Method Used: Spinnerbaits over grass, Ribbits over the grass and TX rigging Shaku Worms and Trick Worms on outside edge of grass.
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 77
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Author/guide Joe Joslin, with a big south Toledo bass caught last week on a Texas rig.
Author/guide Joe Joslin, with a big south Toledo bass caught last week on a Texas rig.

My favorite spinnerbait, a Stanley 3/8 ounce WedgePlus  with white and chartreuse skirt.
My favorite spinnerbait, a Stanley 3/8 ounce WedgePlus with white and chartreuse skirt.

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