The month of July has seen some good bass fishing. Despite the heat, the bass are still willing to play well take the baits we offer them. Main baits of choice have varied depending on the waters we have been hitting, but two baits have been consistent on all the waters, those being a white spinner bait and the Strike King Redeye Shad.

East Lake Toho has still being holding steady with action in the early morning hours getting very limited top water action, but the redeye shad and white spinner bait have been picking off the bass steadily. When the day heats up, the big ticket has been senko type baits and flukes, worked in and around topped out grasses scattered around the main lake. The 6 to 10 foot range has been the areas that have seemed to hold more bass, and the better quality bass out here.

West Lake Toho has been fishing a lot like East Lake Toho. One big out here though is locating moving water after the rains. These areas will not only hold some good sized bass, but will also hold some good numbers as well. Northern end of the lake seems to be one of the better areas for producing bass as well as a few areas of offshore grasses.

Lake X, as I like to refer to it, is a part of the Kissimmee chain and has been a great place to fish. Bass in the early morning hours have been pretty active on senko type baits and flukes, with a few being caught on the redeye shad. Speed craws and trick worms have also been catching a good amount of bass out here as well. Topped out hydrilla has been the hot spot to be when the sun is up and the heat of the day is in full swing.

Butler Chain is still doing good as well. Our usual dock pattern has gone to the way side as the bass have moved offshore. Most of our fishing has been out in mid lake areas where grasses are just below the surface. Steel shad have been good in these areas as well as the flukes. Flukes were rigged with a small bullet weight and crawled thru the grasses to catch the bass. The hits were not aggressive but the bass were solid. Slow and steady pace will boat bass out here for you even in the heat of the day.

Fish Species: largemouth bass
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orlando bass fishing
orlando bass fishing

orlando bass fishing
orlando bass fishing

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