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Slow Down and Catch More Fish by Joe Joslin (12/15/2009)
As surface temp fall into mid 50s Big Lake's fish populations are moving to winter holding areas. Anglers who can make adjustments are rewarded with some excellent fish.
Fresh Water and Big Lake by Joe Joslin (11/12/2009)
Lots of rain and run-off has had a great impact on Lake Calcasieu (Big Lake). However, anglers are still catching fish providing they can find decent water. here are some suggestions of where to look for decent water.
Fresh water slows the Upper fishery but southern areas very productive by Joe Joslin (10/22/2009)
Recent rains have added a lot of fresh water in the fishery but there is still plenty of good water holding lots of fish. Bird activity has increase and there is an abunduntance of bait shrimp now in the lake.
Shrimp Migration Has Begun, trout n reds abound by Joe Joslin (10/07/2009)
many of us always look forward to the shrimp moving our of the marshes and into the main lake...that has started to happen. The cold front coming this week will speed that process up. Fishing gets easy then as you just follow the birds.
Labor Day Weekend on Big Lake was Awesome! by Joe Joslin (9/11/2009)
From numerous sources, fishing on Big Lake was just about as good as it can get with several patterns catching fish and almost every area of the fishery producing lots of fish.
Jetties, Beach Areas Loaded With Fish by Joe Joslin (8/22/2009)
Anglers are loading up currently on the south end of Lake Calcasieu(Big Lake) with moderate north winds making the surf, Jetties and short rigs ideal.
No Sweat When Your Pole is Bent by Joe Joslin (8/05/2009)
August is super on Big Lake and fishing has really picked up since winds have backed down some. Big trout on top water is common right now.
Big Lake Rewarding Area Anglers by Joe Joslin (7/23/2009)
The specs are with the birds, reds are in channel and there are fish from one end of the alke to the other
Hot Days....Hot Fishing! by Joe Joslin (7/16/2009)
The winds have been the key the past week with a strong s.w. wind almost every day which has churned the lake up in some areas. Basically, you just have to find areas where wind doe not muddy and fish are there.
Plenty of Fish Left Following Rodeo by Joe Joslin (7/11/2009)
Winds have slowed and lake has cleared and fish are on summer patterns. Live bait is tops but Gulp!
Big Lake Ready for Jult 4th Rodeo by Joe Joslin (7/02/2009)
ONe of the most popular events of the year with south west La anglers is the July 4th Fishing Rodeo. This is year # 72. There will be a lot of fish caught both inshore and off shore.
Finally Perfect Conditions On Big Lake by Joe Joslin (6/07/2009)
The weather broke the past two weeks and the fishing has been outstanding with water conditions greatly improving and fishermen able to get to their favorite spots.
Memorial Day on Big Lake by Joe Joslin (5/24/2009)
Fishing the past week has greatly improved with salinty better and water clearing.
Winds Have Been a Killer by Joe Joslin (5/09/2009)
Mother Nature has prompted many-a phone calls to cancel fishing trips gthe past several weeks. We are all looking for some calm days. When we can fish....we catch them on Big lake
Mega Winds but still catching fish by Joe Joslin (4/30/2009)
High winds and lots of rain and fresh water have made fishing a challenge the past two weeks but conditions improved and fish started coming onboard.
Big Lake Subject to Almost Constant Winds by Joe Joslin (4/24/2009)
Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) is loaded with fish but winds keep most anglers scrambling to find an area to fish. Those who do are being successful. Calcasieu Charters, Capt. Eric Rue, makes adjustments and goes fishing.
BLOW, YE WINDS! by Joe Joslin (4/10/2009)
This report includes current reports of two of the top guides on Lake Calcasieu(Big Lake)as they tell detailed info of how to catch fish on one of the best inshore lakes in the country.
Big Lake fish population liking reefs and topwater by Joe Joslin (4/02/2009)
The topwater and bird season is almost here in full force with fish also moving to reefs. Two very experienced local anglers give their input.
Pre Spring fishing on Big Lake by Joe Joslin (2/09/2009)
Fishing continues to be good-to-excellent on Lake Calcasieu(Big Lake)with anglers catchin plenty of fish to eat. Big specs are starting to show up so anglers want to keep the smaller specs and turn the big sows loose to spawn. Redfish are still plentiful. This report features Captain Erik Rue, Owner of Calcasieu Charters. Rue is also a top-rated Redfish Cup tournament angler.
Big Lake or Lake Calcasieu? by Joe Joslin (2/01/2009)
Most national maps say Lake Calcasieu but most locals say Big Lake. Whatever you call it it still spells one thing...FISH. Even in the "off-season", Big Lake continues to be impressive.
Big Trout Time on Big Lake by Joe Joslin (1/22/2009)
Currently, there are numerous anglers wadding the shallows and fishing very slowly for big trout. This report adds light to those methods.
Big Lake Never Stops by Joe Joslin (1/15/2009)
Even in mid-Jan... Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) just keeps on giving up fish.
Reds a Million by Joe Joslin (1/03/2009)
There really is no way to describe the redfish action that occured in 2008 on Big Lake officially known as Lake Calcasieu.....and it continues!!
Big Lake, As generous as Santa by Joe Joslin (12/23/2008)
Big Lake has numerous excellent guides but non more professional and talented that Captain Kirk Stansel of Hackberry Rod and Gun. In this report Stansel shares some of his techniques of catching reds and specs.
Big Trout time on Big Lake by Joe Joslin (12/22/2008)
Outstanding fihing is still happening here with bigger fish moving to hard bottom/sandy areas where patient anglers are using slow, suspended techniques to catch some big fish. Red fish are still plentiful many places on the fishery.
Big Lake still faithful by Joe Joslin (12/08/2008)
Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) continues to reward December anglers with super catches. Wind is the only culprit.
Rayburn's Tournament Season resumes by Joe Joslin (12/01/2008)
Major tournaments resume this week following a break for Thanksgiving Holidays. Recent rains were needed. 20 pound stringer will be needed to win this weekend.
Big Lake still highly productive. by Joe Joslin (11/22/2008)
Basically, if the winds are less than 15 mph, you can catch a boat load of fish....this lake is loaded with fish. Also, at this time of the year..many area outdoorsmen will duck hunt the lake that morning and fish in the afternoon. Tough life!
No Trick or Treat on Big Lake by Joe Joslin (10/31/2008)
It may sound like old hat but Big Lake just continues to offer outstanding fishing for several species of fish. The redfish and spec trout is as good as anywhere in the country.
Big Lake even more impressive after Hurricane Ike by Joe Joslin (10/16/2008)
October fishing on Big Lake is always some of the best op the year with day after day of stable weather. This year is no different and post-Ike reports sound like made up fishing stories.
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