All Quebec Canada Fishing Reports

Great day on the water ! by Jean Desjardins (8/01/2012)
[St. Lawrence River,QC] Slow start,untill with hit the right presentation,gotta love the Terrova and is abilities to stay in the zone.
Slowing down but still kickin!! by Stacie Lamarche (9/30/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] Although we're closed for fishing, accept for a couple of groups, and open for moose hunting.
Lake Chassagine by Stacie Lamarche (9/03/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] I tried to post these pics on an earlier post... so I'm trying again.
Lake Bonhomme & Frigon by Stacie Lamarche (9/02/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] Rich Chesney, his son (Rich Jr.) & Rob.....some of the best fishermen to visit Monet EVERY!!!
Lake Chassaigne Summer Fishing by Stacie Lamarche (9/02/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] Andy Apjok and his over 15lbs Walleyes Caught& Released Lake Chassagine
Who Says Summer Fishing is Slower!!! by Stacie Lamarche (9/02/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] Lac Bonhomme NEVER disappoints huge Pike & Walleye!!
Great Summer Fishing by Stacie Lamarche (9/02/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] Lake Chassaigne one of our lakes that offers an even combo of Pike and Walleye!!
Great trip, hundreds of bass over 5 days. by Phil Lumbroso (7/17/2007)
[Giles lake,QC] The perfect large mouth bass opener trip, heat wave, warm water, hundreds of fish.
June pike by Phil Lumbroso (6/21/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,QC] Lots of panfish + 1 small northern pike.
Ice fishing in March 2007 On Lake Champlain by Phil Lumbroso (4/15/2007)
[Lake Champlain,QC] Ice fishing on North part of Lake Champlain in March 2007.
Monster Pike & Walleye At Monet Outfitter by Stacie Lamarche (3/15/2007)
[Abitibi - Temiscamingue,QC] We're a family owned operated outfitter taking only 250 fishermen per season on our 94 sq. mile property, over 50 lakes. Looking for like minded outdoor enthusiasts!
Ice fishing in February 2007 by Phil Lumbroso (2/26/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,QC] Got skunked.... On the brighter side of things, we managed to keep the beer cold without a cooler…
Ice fishing in January 2007 by Phil Lumbroso (1/26/2007)
[Barriere Lake,QC] The Kids had a great time, we ended up with 5-6 brookies.