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Bio: Our goal is to provide our viewers with great freshwater fishing tips for Bass (Smallmouth, Largemouth, Stripers), Northern Pike, Catfish, Carp, Perch, Trout, Walleye and other species fished in rivers and lakes across North America, based on my experience fishing mainly Southern Quebec and Southern Ontario. You'll also find recent, up to date pics, and other useful sport fishing information.

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Big carp on first outing (5/07/2009)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Caught this massive 32.5 lb carp on my first outing of the season, just after ice out.
Freshwater Phil carping contest (10/24/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Join the "fish with Freshwater Phil" contest for a chance to win 1 day of rod bending, drag peeling, tackle busting action, carp fishing with Freshwater Phil!
Carp and Bowfin in St Lawrence river. (10/24/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Great way to start of the fall season, couple big carp and my first bowfin.
Smallmouth bass in deep water (10/24/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Caught Smallmouth bass while trying for walleye.
Freshwater drum in St Lawrence River (10/24/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Caught my first drum in 7 years, put up a great fight.
Multi species bonanza (8/28/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Great multispecies action packed day, weather was good too.
Great trip, hundreds of bass over 5 days. (7/17/2007)
[Giles lake,QC] The perfect large mouth bass opener trip, heat wave, warm water, hundreds of fish.
June pike (6/21/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,QC] Lots of panfish + 1 small northern pike.
June carping heating up (6/21/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Great day on the water, big fish, many species including 3 PB's.
Mid May Pike Frenzy Fishing Long Sault Park (6/06/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Tried a few spots from shore, pike attacked in one shot.
April Carpin (5/25/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,ON] Good start to the carpin season, the males arrived first as usual.
Ice fishing in March 2007 On Lake Champlain (4/15/2007)
[Lake Champlain,QC] Ice fishing on North part of Lake Champlain in March 2007.
Ice fishing in February 2007 (2/26/2007)
[St. Lawrence River,QC] Got skunked.... On the brighter side of things, we managed to keep the beer cold without a cooler
Ice fishing in January 2007 (1/26/2007)
[Barriere Lake,QC] The Kids had a great time, we ended up with 5-6 brookies.