Jimmy and I headed back to the St Lawrence river for some carping. Another great day on the river, weather was sunny, around 28-30 degrees, 10 KM / hour wind. Jimmey started for carp right away, I started off trying for Northen pike, nothing much biting on the minnows. The carp we great though, especially after I did some chumming with my home made spod. We hooked fifteen carp, landed nine. I beat my personal carp record, landing a 26 Lb female, Jimmy caught his first channel cat, which weighed in at 9.5 lbs, on corn intended for carp. He also caught his first walleye, measuring 12 inches, amazingly, it swallowed a hook baited with corn too. So much for trying to target species, looks like everything is eating corn these days…

Fish Species: Carp, Channel catfish
Bait Used: Corn
Tackle Used: Hooks and sinkers
Method Used: Shore fishing / casting
Water Depth: 10 feet
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 10 KM / hour
26 Lb carp
26 Lb carp

Channel catfish just under 10 lbs.
Channel catfish just under 10 lbs.

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