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Big carp on first outingby Phil Lumbroso (5/07/2009)
Caught this massive 32.5 lb carp on my first outing of the season, just after ice out.
Freshwater Phil carping contestby Phil Lumbroso (10/24/2007)
Join the "fish with Freshwater Phil" contest for a chance to win 1 day of rod bending, drag peeling, tackle busting action, carp fishing with Freshwater Phil!
Carp and Bowfin in St Lawrence Phil Lumbroso (10/24/2007)
Great way to start of the fall season, couple big carp and my first bowfin.
Smallmouth bass in deep waterby Phil Lumbroso (10/24/2007)
Caught Smallmouth bass while trying for walleye.
Freshwater drum in St Lawrence Riverby Phil Lumbroso (10/24/2007)
Caught my first drum in 7 years, put up a great fight.
Multi species bonanzaby Phil Lumbroso (8/28/2007)
Great multispecies action packed day, weather was good too.
June carping heating upby Phil Lumbroso (6/21/2007)
Great day on the water, big fish, many species including 3 PB's.
Mid May Pike Frenzy Fishing Long Sault Parkby Phil Lumbroso (6/06/2007)
Tried a few spots from shore, pike attacked in one shot.
April Carpinby Phil Lumbroso (5/25/2007)
Good start to the carpin season, the males arrived first as usual.