We headed out to Lancaster for a half day trip on the River. We got out on the water before 8:00 AM, we decided to fish the big water despite the heavy chop / whitecaps. We drift while casting a variety of lures, the only producer turn out to be a red and white Williams Wabbler spoon, which landed a 4 lb pike. After a while, we went up the Raisin River, first cast landed a 3 foot long gar on a blue and silver spoon. These fish fight harder than I imagined, it actually jumped out of the water a couple times before we netted it. The hook popped out immediately, we were lucky to have the proper gloves on board to hold down it's beak while we got it out of the net. When I set it down for a moment, it hit my leg with its beak, made a few holes the size of needles point in my leg. Good thing I had some Arak (strong alcohol) on the boat, it works as a disinfectant as well as great drink. After catching some small bass and tons of perch, we headed back out to check the shipping channel which marked thousand of fish on the sonar. We didn't manage to hook any, although we mist a few strikes on jigs. We later headed to the shore for some carping, all I caught was a nice 5 lb freshwater drum. I kept it for lunch, not much meat left once I de-boned it, but it tastes very similar to walleye. Anyway, this one was one to remember, I'm not sure what the odds of catching a gar and drum in the same day are around here, but I'm guessing it might be easier to win the lottery. Pics will be in the picture gallery shortly.

Fish Species: Multi species, pike, bass, carp, gar, drum, perch
Bait Used: Various
Tackle Used: Various
Method Used: boat and shore fishing / casting
Water Depth: 5 - 15 feet
Water Temperature: 22 celcius
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 15 KM/hour
A 3 foot longnose gar caught in the Raisin River.
A 3 foot longnose gar caught in the Raisin River.

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