We ended up in the Long Sault park, we had total wind shelter on one side of the road, and crystal clear water. Unfortunately nothing was biting for the first hour or so, as we fished for perch, carp, pike and bass. Then out of nowhere, I got a nice hit on a Thunderstick top water lure. I set my hook, and the fish took off, Ari grabbed the camcorder, Jimmy woke up from his snooze, I had a nice Northern Pike on the line. I brought him in a couple minutes later, it measured 32 inches, weighted in at 7.5 Lbs. As I climbed the bank, to unhook it, Jimmy started casting the Thunderstick, and noticed it being followed by more pike. I quickly switched my carp rod for a leader and blue / silver hammered spoon. First cast hooked up to another Northern pike, measuring 33 inches and weighing in just over 9 lbs. Suddenly they were everywhere, we tried a few more casts, had some follows, but they were gone again as fast as they showed up, all in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

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Fish Species: Northern Pike
Bait Used: ThunderStick and Spoon
Tackle Used: Meduim action
Method Used: Shore fishing / casting
Water Depth: 10'-15'
Water Temperature: Cold
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 20 KM / hours
Freshwater Phil with the catch(es) of the day.
Freshwater Phil with the catch(es) of the day.


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