Last day of the first warm front, looks like things are going to cool off a bit.

Strong 30 KM winds didn't deter us from heading to the St Lawrence river for some spring time carping. We only had enough time for a half day trip, we decided to make it an afternoon one. I took "Largemouth" Ari along, with the intent of training him to shoot video footage of some decent sized carp. The day started quite slowly, all we caught on the carp bait was a small bullhead catfish. I got my first hookup a bit after 4:00 PM, Ari started shooting footage within the first 30 seconds or so. About 7 minutes later, I landed my first 20 LB carp of 2007. I was surprised to find out it was a male, as most fish in that weight range are usually females. hour later Ari got his first hookup, I volunteered as "camera man" for that one. After a couple minutes, he landed his first carp of the season, another male weighing 12 lbs. That was all for the day. We managed to shoot a couple clips which are now on and can be viewed by clicking:

Freshwater Phil:

Largemouth Ari:

Fish Species: Carp
Bait Used: Corn
Tackle Used: #4 hook with 1.5 OZ egg sinker
Method Used: still fishing
Water Depth: 10' - 15'
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Speed: 20 KM / hours
First 20 LB carp of 2007
First 20 LB carp of 2007

Ari's first carp of 2007, 12 lbs.
Ari's first carp of 2007, 12 lbs.

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