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FISHING REPORT UCLUELET August 10th, Ucluelet, BCby Sam Vandervalk (8/11/2021)
Chinook are biting plentyful. For halibut, Big Bank has been the go-to. The cannon balls have to be all the way down at the bottom though!
Fishing Report May 19th Ucluelet, British Columbiaby Sam Vandervalk (5/19/2021)
We are excited that the beginning of the season has been such a good one and keeps getting better with salmon and halibut around. Although at the moment we are only taking out locals, this will change in not even a weeks time. Soon we will be happy to take out Canadians from every province again to get that unique west coast fishing experience in Ucluelet.
Fishing Report May 4th British Columbiaby Sam Vandervalk (5/04/2021)
It has been an outstanding start for the season. Ones things open up again there will be some great fishing to be had on the West coast, here in Ucluelet.
Fishing Report April 23rd British Columbiaby Sam Vandervalk (4/23/2021)
Early April has been good fishing so far with a sunny streak as well, which made it even better to be out on the water. We have been mostly focusing on Salmon and Lingcod but. Offshore is the better option for Halibut at the moment.
Fishing Report April 14th British Columbiaby Sam Vandervalk (4/14/2021)
Salmon fishing has been better than normal for April so far. Our guy Dan has consistently been hitting between 6 to 12 fish per trip close to the harbour. Halibut fishing has been good for some other boats, we have mostly been focussing on salmon though.
Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report: June 9, 2020by Sam Vandervalk (6/10/2020)
Our fishing trips have really started off for real!
Fishing Report Ucluelet BC Canada April 17, 2020by Sam Vandervalk (4/17/2020)
Fishing has been good during March and April and continues to produce both Chinook salmon and lots of Lingcod. This time of year Lingcod is our white meat and my favourite white meat.
Early 2020 Fishing Forecast Ucluelet BCby Sam Vandervalk (2/29/2020)
Forecast on fishing Chinook, Coho and Halibut on the west coast of Vancouver Island from Ucluelet BC.
Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 11th, 2019by Sam Vandervalk (7/16/2019)
Report on fishing Chinook, Coho and Halibut on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 11th, 2019by Sam Vandervalk (7/11/2019)
Report on fishing Chinook, Coho and Halibut on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Ucluelet, BC - Fishing Report June 13th, Sam Vandervalk (6/13/2019)
A slower week for halibut, fishing efforts hindered but less than favourable weather. Specifics on what lours got the fish on.
Ucluelet, BC - June 2019 Fishing Reportby Sam Vandervalk (6/04/2019)
A slow start to the week. Tips for success fishing Hali & Chinook in the Barkley Sound.
Fishing Report, Ucluelet, BC September 25th, 2018by Sam Vandervalk (9/25/2018)
Our September fishing was better than expected for Chinook, Coho and Halibut. The fall returning Chinook (Kings) were close to the shore and most days saw fast action.
Fishing Report Vancouver Island BC (Ucluelet)by Sam Vandervalk (6/14/2018)
Fishing has been very good the past few days and overall good the past couple months. The weather kept us in Barkley Sound for part of the last week but there are Chinook at Swale rock and Effingham. Small 3 in Gibbs and Silver Hordes were working well.
Salmon and Halibut fishing, Victoria and Ucluelet, British Columbiaby Sam Vandervalk (4/22/2016)
Fishing for Chinook (kings) has been great for April. We have seen a large influx of migratory fish in the 10- 15lb range.
Victoria and Ucluelet Salmon and Halibutby Sam Vandervalk (3/21/2016)
Spring fishing has been good for both Salmon and Halibut. Mature Chinooks (Kings) have followed the bait into the area and are being caught alongside the winter feeders. Looks like a good month of fishing to come!
Salmon and Halibut fishing, February 2016by Sam Vandervalk (2/12/2016)
We kicked off the 2016 season in Victoria in fine fashion this week.The winter Spring (king salmon) fishing produced lots of numbers with fish to 8lbs. We look forward to more forecasted solid Salmon fishing through the the coming months and great early season accessible Halibut fishing.
Fishing Report Vancouver Island BC Dec 2015by Sam Vandervalk (12/13/2015)
Halibut fishing has been good around Constance Bank and Middle Bank. Large herring, salmon bellies, mackerel or mudraker jigs are the usual baits
Vancouver Island Fishing Report Ucluelet BCby Sam Vandervalk (5/16/2015)
Salmon and Halibut fishing have been great the past couple weeks. This is the best early season fishing we have had in a few years.
Fishing Report May 20,2014by Sam Vandervalk (5/24/2014)
Salmon & Halibut Fishing in BC is heating up! Great returns!
GOOD EARLY ACTIONby Greg Vance (3/11/2014)
Great early season action in Winter Harbour as the fish follow the masses of spawning herring into Quatsino sound
Whales, Chinook and Early Forecast!by Sam Vandervalk (2/14/2014)
This year's Chinook numbers are - read more for exact figures. We've a new videos to entice you for the summer season! See more below!
2014 Chinook Forecast, Fishing Resorts West Coast Vancouver Islandby Sam Vandervalk (1/07/2014)
The forecast for the 2014 Columbia River return may be higher than it was for 2013. In 2013 the Bonneville Dam estimated more than 1.1 million Chinook went through which is highest number recorded since the Dam started recording in 1938!
Fish Report and Newsletterby Adrian O'Connor (12/12/2013)
Reel Obsession Sport Fishing Christmas report and Newsletter
Fishing Report October 21, 2013by Sam Vandervalk (10/22/2013)
Fishing season is wrapping up for Salmon Eye Charters. Suggested tackle to buy for next years season. Remember to check out the following links for Tofino's great beaches, and privately owned gorgeous accommodations which have ocean views.
Fish are here in big numbersby Greg Vance (7/13/2013)
Continued excellent fishing in Winter Harbour
They...rrrrr....heeee...rrrrrrby Greg Vance (6/05/2013)
Great Early Action in Winter Harbour. Most boats are reporting excellent Spring and Coho action in the shallows near shore.
Fishing Report West Coast Vancouver Island May 4, 2013by Sam Vandervalk (5/06/2013)
The salmon fishing is starting to pick up around the Ucluelet area. Of course it always helps when the weather is nice!
Early Winter Harbour UPDATEby Greg Vance (4/09/2013)
Good Early Season Salmon and Hali / Ling action
Spring Action is excellent, and the TUNA are here !by Greg Vance (8/30/2012)
Fantastic late season Spring Salmon action in Winter Harbour
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