Fishing Reports by Captain Chris Johnson

About The Author: Captain

Company: SeaSquared Charters

Area Reporting: Marathon Florida Keys

Bio: Capt. Chris Johnson has been involved in the charter fishing business since he was a kid at the Jersey Shore. He now specializes in offshore, gulf/bay, bottom, wreck and reef fishing with SeaSquared Charters out of 7 Mile Marina. You can reach him at 305.743.5305 or Follow him on Facebook: SeaSquared Fishing Charters, or Twitter: MarathonFishing.

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Florida Keys snapper dinner caught by Miami father/son (11/17/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Miami father/son counted some 15 species during patch reef trip
Florida Keys Adrenaline Rush (10/07/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Catch-and-release shark fishing in calm, shallow waters offers eco-friendly adventure!
Florida Keys Gulf of Mexico Fishing for Snapper, Grouper, Mackerel (9/29/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Minnesota men rack up more great Florida Keys fishing memories!
Florida Keys Sharkin' is First-Rate (8/17/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Catch and release shark fishing in the calm, shallow waters off the 7 Mile Bridge offers first-rate family fun.
Florida Keys Daytime Swordfishing Adventures (8/14/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Five drifts, four hook-ups, two catches = excellent daytime swordfishing in Marathon Florida Keys.
Florida Keys: Fishing the Calm Waters of Florida Bay (8/12/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Just one of the benefits of fishing the Florida Keys is the variety of venues, providing options for all sorts of weather conditions.
Texans rope in a fishing adventure in the Florida Keys (8/03/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Sharks and goliath grouper add to the fishing action for this pair from Texas.
Day of Deep Dropping in the Florida Keys (8/02/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Fishing deep wrecks off Marathon in the Florida Keys is guaranteed to bring a surprise to the boat on every drop.
Florida Keys; Silky Shark Surprises Anglers Fishing for Amberjack (7/27/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Ryan Simmons of Pure Fishing treated two of his gal pals to a day of fishing with Capt. Chris Johnson and SeaSquared Charters out of 7 Mile Marina.
Sharkin' in the Florida Keys (7/24/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Just in time for Shark Week ... the Keeney clan from Missouri enjoys some jaw dropping shark action.
Family Fun Fishing for Yellowtail Snapper (7/22/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Plenty of tasty filets caught by families on half day trips with SeaSquared Charters out of Marathon Florida Keys.
Swordfishing off Marathon Florida Keys (7/13/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Sporty seas couldn't keep us from pursuing swordfish, with a dolphin and sailfish thrown in for good measure.
Florida Keys Gulf of Mexico Fishing for Cobia, Snapper (7/09/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Nice mangrove snapper and cobia caught despite the presence of the mighty goliath grouper.
Fishing Buddies Put the 'Tails in the Box! (7/04/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Half day of yellowtailing puts some tasty eats in the box for fishing buddies!
Family Fun Fishing for the Contis from Jupiter FL (7/04/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Despite a visit from an 8-ft lemon shark, the Conti family put a very respectable catch of yellowtail snapper in the box!
Mutton Snapper Fishing for Chicago Couple (7/04/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Deep dropping for mutton snappers in 125-230 feet of water off Marathon Fla Keys proves productive for Chicago couple.
The Harrisons go Yellowtailing (6/22/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] The yellowtail bite is hot on the reef in 85 feet of water off Marathon Fla Keys.
Yellowtailing with the Youngblood Family (6/17/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] June 17, 2009 - Successful day of yellowtailing on the reef despite the sharks.