Fishing Reports by Captain Doc Walker

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Company: Soutern Oklahoma Guide Service

Area Reporting: Lake Texoma

Bio: Lake Texoma is the premier inland striped bass fishery in the United States.  In addition, our Lake area is a major migratory transition area for waterfowl.  We have 30 years of experience fishing and hunting in the Lake Texoma area.  Our goal is for you have a rewarding and memorable experience on our beautiful Lake!

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Lake Texoma (6/12/2013)
[Lake Texoma,OK] The fish have moved to deep water...We were recently fishing rather shallow for this time of year, and, all of the sudden, things changed.
Lake Texoma Report March 2010 (3/16/2010)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Feburary and March produce some of our best fish of the year.
Texoma Report (11/29/2009)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Fish quality is not great, but, the action is very fast.
Lake Texoma Report 7/17/09 (7/17/2009)
[Lake Texoma,OK] The hot weather has slowed the fishing a bit, but, it is still good. The fish are in their typical summer patterns.
Texoma Report 5/17/09 (5/17/2009)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Inspite of the flood, striper fishing is great. There is still plenty of clear water.
Lake Texoma Report 2/22/09 (2/22/2009)
[Lake Texoma,OK] It seems that we should have another excellent March long-lining season on Lake Texoma.
Fall Fishing (10/10/2008)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Fall fishing is great on Lake Texoma. Generally less crowded than the spring, the Fall offers beautiful weather and excellent fishing.
Lake Texoma Report (7/02/2008)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Fishing is very good for stripers on Lake Texoma. Look for top-water fishing to start getting very good.
Lake Texoma Report (5/25/2008)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Fishing is great one day and average the next.
Texoma Report 2/9/08 (2/10/2008)
[Lake Texoma,OK] It seems as though long-lining may kick off earlier this year. Look for early March to be very productive.
Fall Fishing (11/25/2007)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Cooler temperatures are improving striper fishing. Fishing should be good throughout December.
Lake Texoma Report (6/27/2007)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Fishing for stripers on Lake Texoma is still excellent. The rising lake level can change things quickly so we recommend calling ahead and checking on conditions for the next few weeks.
Lake Texoma Report (5/11/2007)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Lake Texoma Report 5/10/07. Striper fishing is at it's best this month for quantity and fast action. Limits can occur within an hour.
Lake Texoma Report (3/17/2007)
[Lake Texoma,OK] An update on spring fishing at Lake Texoma.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report (7/27/2006)
[Lake Texoma,OK] Fishing is very good. Top-waters and live bait are both producing fish.