Fishing Reports by Captain Eric Dubrowski

About The Author: Captain

Company: Gills For Thrills

Area Reporting: Lake Erie

Bio: My passion for fishing and the outdoors started at a young age, but once I moved to Erie to attend Gannon University during the mid-1990s, my passion grew greater still. Once you fish the Great Lakes, no other freshwater lakes can compare. Over the past twenty-plus years, if it swims, I’ve caught it. I continue to study the habits and patterns of my favorite species thanks to my meticulous nature and untamed curiosity. I continue to combine research will good old fashioned, “gut instincts” to introduce my clients to some of the most sought freshwater gamefish in the world. I continue to be fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the fishing habitats in close proximity to us here in Lake Erie.

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The Walleye Fishing in Lake Erie is Underway! (5/11/2019)
[Lake Erie,PA] Now is the time to get on the calendar as we warm up and the fish start biting. Here is a look at our 2018 season to give you an idea of the season ahead.